Search vault and add login from autofill popup dialog

Right now you may have noticed that adding a new login or autofilling a login for which the website is different or incorrectly saved is impossible to do from the autofill popup. You must exit the current app, open 1Password, and create or search for the login there, then go back to the app you were previously using.
Is there a reason why an add and a search button isn't available on the autofill popup? Could such a feature be implemented? Right now, it really hurts UX to have to constantly switch between my app and 1Password to do stuff I think should be possible directly in the autofill dialog.



  • brentybrenty

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    @cii: Yes. That's very intentional, but I'm sorry for the confusion. 1Password is comparing the app/website URL to saved Login items whenever possible, as a protection against phishing scams. I agree that it would be helpful to improve the workflow, but not at the expense of phishing protection. After all, you can correct the information in your Login item if necessary, so it matches the places you intend to use it going forward.

  • @brenty Thanks for your response. I see why it's designed the way it is. What I can't seem to get working however is having multiple URLs for a login item. I have a login on a website with multiple domains on different TLDs, and I can't seem to get a login to work with multiple domains. Is there a way to solve this, without needing to make multiple logins? I need to change the password semi-regularly, and having to update multiple logins isn't really ideal, at least in my opinion.

    As for a generate/create new login button in the autofill popup, is there a reason that doesn't exist?

  • brentybrenty

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    @cii: Can you give me a specific example? Maybe we have a bug. I'll be happy to investigate.

    Regarding having more functionality available within the Android Autofill/Accessibility prompt, that's something we'd like too. hopefully we'll be able to find a good way of doing that in the future. :)

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