1Password and Dropbox syncing under new restrictions.

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As a 1Password user that prefers to purchase outright (and I know there are a lot of us) I sync with Dropbox. Now that Dropbox has implemented a 3 device restriction for their base tier members it means that existing 1password users will only be able to sync 3 devices to dropbox going forward.

What is the proposed solution for this scenario?

I know the default answer will be to "subscribe" to 1Password but that is out of the question for many of us.

Can Google Drive or some other sync solution be built in to replace the now restricted dropbox?

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  • Ben

    Hi @xandermac

    We're not considering adding additional sync options to 1Password. As you say, 1Password membership is going to be the recommendation going forward. If you're not ready to make that jump yet, Dropbox does offer plans that support more devices. That said, if you're thinking of going that route, I'd like to better understand why you don't currently feel membership is the best solution for you.


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