15GB of 1Passwords backups

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Hi and thanks for the great product.

I see a hude directory in Library/Application Support/1Password/AccountExports — about 15gb of zip archives are there.

Something went wrong?
Can I just remove old ones?

1Password Version: 7.2.5
Extension Version:
OS Version: 10.14.3
Sync Type: 1password


  • Lars
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    Welcome to the forum, @p201! You are entirely welcome, and we're glad you enjoy it; thank YOU for being a 1Password user! :)

    I assume this means you're using only standalone 1Password -- which is fine! However, if you're on version 7.x of 1Password, nothing of interest to the current version of 1Password still exists in ~/Library/Application Support/1Password. Your current directory is Group Containers instead, which means that if you have data in ~/Library/Application Support/1Password, it must be from an older version of 1Password. You can safely delete the entire folder in this location if you like -- or just the portions of it that eat up the most hard drive space.

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