What happen with my data if I don't pay for a period of time?

First I'm thinking pay the subscription, do you accept Paypal? I think the answer is no, so! I see the gift cards of $125 for $99 and sounds attracting, I gain around 8 months.

The big question is: what happens with my data if for some reason I stop to pay after the gift card is gone or if I pay with my credit card and I have some problem with my bank or something? Do you delete my data? If yes, after how many days?

Or! just simply keep the data on read-only ?

You know things can happens, what if after the gift card is gone and I have an accident and stay on coma for 2 years with no payment and return to life on the 3rd year LOL to pay again, what happens with my data on that no pay period? Sounds funny but is very important know what happens with my data if I don't pay for some reason.

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  • brentybrenty

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    @ghostdog: While we do not accept PayPal billing directly, the vendor we use for our gift cards does accept PayPal...and you're right that those are a pretty good deal anyway. ;)


    Your other thoughts are spot-on too: if you let your membership lapse (or simply haven't subscribed when the trial is done), your account is "frozen", so your data is read-only; you'll be able to access it to export it. :)

  • you'll be able to access it to export it. :)

    Not only export it but of course you are also able to reactivate the account if you make a payment.
    Just to be extra clear @brenty :)

  • ag_anaag_ana

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    That's correct, thank you for pointing this out @peacekeeper! :+1::)

  • oh! that's great, you put the account frozen and data on read-only.
    why that's great? because you never know what happens with a bank account, card decline, an accident or something, is important know that my data is still available and I can return to export it or pay and reactivate again.

  • brentybrenty

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    Absolutely! We don't want to lock anyone out of their data, whether due to a billing issue (or unforeseen circumstance, as you mention), or just if someone decides that 1Password isn't a good fit for them and they want to export to use something else. :)

  • one last question about it:

    if I don't pay in two years, and I want back, 1pass charge me that two years to "recover" my data and continue?

    here's a interesting response that protonamail gives me about the same question, due both are pay subscription models.

    Just for reference, the way this works is as follows:

    Subscription renews, if a card is on file or the account has credit, we try to pay it automatically. If it succeeds, we are done.

    No payment methods on file or charge fails, we send an email saying the you have a new invoice available, due in 7 days. If there are payment methods on file, we retry the invoice automatically after a couple days.

    7 days after renewal, if the invoice is still unpaid we send another email saying the invoice is overdue. If you have an organization with multiple admins, this email goes to all admins (the 'available' email just goes to the financially responsible admin)

    14 days after renewal and no payment, mail/VPN access is revoked, but incoming mail is still accepted on your behalf, so no mail is lost. The invoice must be paid before mail/VPN access is restored.

    1. 30 days after renewal and no payment, incoming mail starts to be bounced.

    Pasted from https://www.reddit.com/r/ProtonMail/comments/75b83t/no_notice_that_my_subscription_expired_only_6/do6yy4m/

    If you at some point come back, you have to pay the invoices that started to pile up, though.

  • brentybrenty

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    @ghostdog: We don't have a system like that. Because 1Password membership accounts are read-only without an active membership (effectively useless except for getting data out of them), they do not accrue charges during that time. Essentially, what you're paying for with 1Password is using it during your membership. So, you're paying in July, you can use it in July. If you cancel and therefore aren't using your membership in August, there is no charge for August. We don't charge any fees just for you having an account; the subscription goes toward you actually using 1Password. :)

    Regarding deletion, we delete unused accounts after a long period of time. Accounts with data in them are deleted after notifying the user after an even longer period of time of inactivity. But most frequently people delete unwanted accounts (with or without data) themselves, or ask us for help doing that.

  • Can you define 'a long period of time'? Are you talking 3 months, 6 months, a year, two years? I'm contemplating moving from paid license to subscription, but was wondering the same thing as the OP.

  • BenBen AWS Team

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    It isn't a well defined time period but I think it would be safe to say it would be longer than a year.


  • @Ben I think agile should define that period of time, is better be totally clear with the customers/users.

  • brentybrenty

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    @ghostdog: Given that the only accounts we've deleted in that manner were unused and years old, I covered that above. I'd rather we do that, giving people more than ample time, than setting an arbitrary limit and enforcing that strictly. And, at the end of the day, if you're not using the account anyway, it's moot. We don't delete accounts that are in use.

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