Will 1Password stand-alone continue to be developed in the next years ?

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I own a 1P 6.8.9 stand alone license but I am thinking if I should upgrade or not I need a confirmation from the Agilebits that 1Password stand-alone version will continue to be developed for the next years.
Is there a published roadmap por the stand-alone version.

The pressure you make for subscriptions model is too strong so I am not sure if you will stop stand-alone version development next year and my license will be useless.


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  • ag_anaag_ana

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    There is no roadmap for the standalone version nor for the subscription version. We don't share plans for the future because we simply don't know how things will be in a few years. We don't want to promise things just to have to change our words, so we prefer not talking about the future at all.

    When we released 1Password 7, we decided to still offer standalone licenses, and you can purchase one now if you wish and start using it right away. Back when we released 1Password 6, we did not know what our plans were for 1Password 7, and the same holds now for the future.

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    It's up to you!

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