Feature request: make the landing/default page of https://my.1password.com the password search

When I login to https://my.1password.com I'm redirected to https://my.1password.com/home, where I can see my list of vaults and access my account details. However, it makes more sense to open the password search under All Vaults (https://my.1password.com/vaults/all/allitems/) as I'm more often looking for passwords than interested in seeing my account details. At least make the landing page configurable in settings.

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  • Hi @fvitorino,

    If you're running macOS or Windows we also have native clients that you may find useful. It isn't to say we can't consider your request but unless somebody is running ChromeOS or Linux we're hoping the clients available are the primary method of interacting and searching your vaults.

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