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What type of format should I use for my export files in order to export my 1Password data to Google Chrome?

Here are the reasons why I choose to leave 1Password if you ask:

  • Animation that I don't want, that are constantly slowing me down and creating a friction. You had a geeky way of disabling some of it before, but you removed that. Your staff member told me it is a fantasy to request disabling of animations.

  • Free vs paid. Right now I use version 7, when you release 8, you will request me to pay again as the former version will start not be be updated. I am not going to utilise subscription, no matter how hard you push me to do it. I am not paying for password management. If someone brought back that concentp 10 years ago, it would be insane. Now it looks like everyone is ready to pay for something that he rents, I am not. I am not paying for someone to manage my passwords.

  • The lack of ability to auto-login without asking the master password. That ability is a risk that people should be able to take as that is a software that they have paid for and a computer that they presumably own. That risk is their free option and choice. Last Pass and some others give that choice for the user.

  • The constant new issues for fields not being recognized or the request from the browser to request the extension twice. That is becoming more and more like an issue.

  • The issues on iOS where I am more often seeing the software not being able to recognize a field every time. I don't know why this happens, but the success rate is less and less.

  • The issues with recognizing international bank card fields on local languages which are not English. This was brought by me to the team throw the years many times. At one of the occasions they told me it would have slowed down the software if they should support more languages for checkouts. Sorry, but this is not the case with Chrome. Why would I pay you not to support these fields, when I can use Chrome to support these fields for free?

  • The lack of polishing. I am not saying you are the worse, but it is bad and I don't like it.

  • The password filling extensions do slow your browsers. If you don't believe me, benchmark them with and without these extensions.

  • The general issue with causing friction, Chrome sync is just much more convenient, no extra passwords, instant filling, no performance drain, no need to fill up my master password each time I boot my computer. Sorry, I have already secured the computer, there is no need for one more step.

So in terms of convenience, price, lack of friction or animations, working most of the times significantly better than 1Password. I am moving to Chrome password management.


  • SAHDaehriu23
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    So I found the format needed.

    This is how a normal Chrome CSV file with passwords looks, first line is the name of the fields:


    In order to work you should not use the 1P CSV export, as the CSV would contain additional quote symbols and additional comma after tha password. That type of format wouldn't work.

    You would need to export as a CSV file and select the following template


    Include Column Labels

    Then use bulk editing tools, there are plenty online to change the file in order to be compliant with what Google requires.

    In order to see exactly what Google wants in the format, you can create a dummy password in Chrome and export the file and see it for yourself.

    After changing the 1P export file to be in the compliant format with all symbols being tweaked in place, quotes removed etc, you need to go to chrome://flags/#PasswordImport and Enable that. I am not sure, but I think it is necessary. Then in your password manager in Chrome you would see the button that says Import above the export button.

    I highly doubt that 1Password would make their export file Chrome compatible, but with little work you can make it yourself.

  • ag_ana
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    Hi @SAHDaehriu23!

    Thank you for sharing your experience and your findings with the CSV export! Indeed, we offer the CSV option because it's the most flexible one: of course any password manager will have a different data structure, but CSV allows you to reorder data so that the file can be imported wherever you prefer.

    I am sorry to hear you are leaving 1Password, but thank you for giving it a try and for taking the time to share this feedback with us! No matter what you end up using, please do continue using a password manager, and stay safe online.

    And of course, if you would like any sort of help to try and make 1Password work for you, please feel free to email us at support+forum@agilebits.com anytime and we will be happy to help :)

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