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(Bug/Suggestion) import process is not naming the custom fields and cannot add tags

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I tried using your login-example.csv provided in your guide, but it is either outdated or misleading.

In the imports, none of the custom fields have their field names associated with them from the header line of the CSV. It only has the value under "Other Fields" with no field name (like "Recovery Codes") mapped. For the header line in the CSV, the import added it as an entry and put the field names (like "Recovery Codes") as the values of the custom fields.

I assume that the import has never actually supported a header line, but it should because then the field names could be assigned that way (and login-example.csv would make more sense given that it has a header line).

There also should be a way to assign tags in the CSV file, as requested in other threads by different people. This is helpful to organize large imports with minimal effort.

The import process needs a lot of work, which is surprising considering that's one of the most important aspects for someone to switch from a different password manager to yours. I'm surprised it has not been given more attention. Here's another improvement suggestion for the import process.

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  • ag_ana
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    Hi @CoreyCorey!

    I am quoting from the documentation page that you linked in your post:

    Custom fields are optional. They will appear in a section called Other Fields when you view the Login item in 1Password.

    So what you are seeing is the expected behavior. Other fields, such as login and password, should end up in the correct place. Can you confirm this?

  • CoreyCorey
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    For clarity, the format of an entry in 1Password is:


    Field name

    Field value

    The part of the guide that you quoted is referring to the "Section" which is named "Other Fields" as the guide suggests.

    However, the guide does not say the field names will be generic (like "field1"). The guide actually implies the opposite with its example CSV, which has a header line with names for those custom columns and it implies that the names in the header line will be used for the respective custom "Field name" entries. However, only the "Field value" is imported.

    @MrC brought to my attention that he developed a solution for the import process that far exceeds what 1Password has done. While I think that is amazing of him, it is likely the reason 1Password has neglected the import process natively, which is very unfortunate and a mistake since most of your users will not know about MrC's tool, as I did not.

    1Password should probably hire MrC (or dedicate a team) to formalize and improve 1Password's import process natively because it currently leaves much to be desired, which is why MrC needed to create his tool.

    Not everyone is going to feel comfortable using a non-native solution, though, especially with the disclaimer attached to it: "The mrc-converter-suite utility is not an AgileBits product, nor do I work for AgileBits. I'm a user like you who just loves 1Password."

  • ag_ana
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    Thank you for the clarification! I see what you mean about the documentation page now, so I will be happy to pass your feedback to the relevant team for consideration :+1:

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