Enhancement Request: Searchable vault on Apple Watch

I recently transitioned from LastPass to 1Password. Overall, it's everything I thought it could be: better UI, far better 2FA support, and the convenience of Touch ID unlock on macOS.

The one shortcoming I've found is that the LastPass Apple Watch app could store your entire vault and offered search options (browse list filtered by tag, scribble, and voice search) on the Watch in addition to a Favorites list that works like the Apple Watch tag in 1Password.

Is this a feature that AgileBits would consider adding to the Watch app, or is it perhaps already in the pipeline? I often use my Watch to look up credentials and 2FA for work accounts and it would be a huge convenience to be able to do so from my Watch without having to have my work and personal credentials mixed together on the Watch list.

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    Hi @1bvr

    The interface of the Apple Watch doesn't seem to lend itself to digesting any great quantity of information. We've built our app with quick access to things like TOTP codes, garage door PINs, padlock combinations, etc in mind. Would you mind elaborating about the desire to have your entire database available and searchable on that sort of interface? Perhaps if there is a use case we've overlooked, and there is a demand for it, we can consider doing more here in the future.



  • Hi Ben,

    I agree that the Watch isn't ideal for digesting large quantities of information. The feature of the app that I often used and miss from 1Password is the ability to tap on a tag to filter out relevant credentials, or simply search for a credential if I don't remember how it is tagged. As you're alluding to, I don't want to flood the watch app with hundreds of credentials that I would have to scroll through every time I open it.

    LastPass overcame that by showing three buttons on launch: one goes to a list of your tags (folders in LastPass speak), another goes to the search interface (the standard Watch search UI with voice and scribble options), and a third to add a new credential. It's actually all visible in their App Store watch screenshots if you're curious to see what it looks like. Personally, I've never tried to add a new credential using their watch app, so I can't advocate for the usefulness or practicality of that particular feature.

    As I was typing this response, I thought through this further and I should clarify that I now don't think I am advocating to push an entire vault to the watch app. But instead, if there were a way to perhaps, firmly press on the 1Password screen and select a filter or list option to see a list of tags, then tapping one of the tags would filter to only those items, that would accomplish what I'm describing here.

    As far as a use case, I think it just comes down to how frequently somebody relies on Apple Watch versus pulling out their phone. For me, I almost always handle tasks like this on my watch unless I'm already doing something on my phone. So for work, where my phone isn't connected to BYOD or anything like that, I always turn to my watch to look up passwords and TOTP codes. It's simply faster. Swiping up, waiting for Face ID or entering the phone's passcode, tapping 1Password, then waiting for Face ID again, then searching takes a lot more time, in my opinion, than simply tapping open the 1Password app on the watch out of my Dock and one or two taps later having the credential I need.

    However, in its current implementation, I think that the usefulness of the Apple Watch tag declines once you get beyond two dozen or so items, since you have to scroll through everything to find a specific item. Right now I have just over a dozen credentials stored in 1Password now simply for accounts that I use for work, tagged with both my employer's name and "Apple Watch". As a result, they're mixed in with personal accounts that I also have tagged "Apple Watch". It'd be great if I could see a list of tags on the watch, tap one, then have it only show the credentials that are tagged with that name.

    Thanks for taking the time to read and respond to my question. I hope this helps explain what I'm looking for, and hopefully might justify an enhancement to make it easier to locate and access credentials in the watch app. I'm certainly happy to provide more feedback if it helps.

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    Likewise, thanks for taking the time to share your perspective on the Apple Watch with us. :)


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