1Password Development Preview 0.8.1


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Happy Friday, everyone!

First, thank you, everyone, for testing out our development preview and providing us with some feedback. We are happy that so many of you have wanted this app and have been willing to tell us about the things that just aren't quite right yet.

So, since this is a Friday, it's release day! And today, we have bug fixes and new distributions.


One of our largest requests from you has been the addition of some older LTS distributions, including Mint 19.3 and Ubuntu 18.04.


Snap Store

1Password is now on the Snap Store! Thank you to our friends at Canonical for helping us make this happen so quickly.

New and Improved

  • You can now add an account by dragging your Emergency Kit onto the Add New Account window.
  • Password history can now be viewed from item details.
  • App no longer crashes if /tmp is noexec. Thanks to @theseer!
  • List sorting now works. Thanks to @joeSh!
  • Removed the gconf2 dependency. Thanks to @SPYke!
  • Improved Debian Install Instructions. Thanks to @ssgelm!
  • You can now scroll the vault collections menu.
  • Item link share will no longer crash the application if the item is in a locked account.
  • Keyboard shortcuts window now supports dark theme.
  • The add account window is focused when 1Password is launched with a URL.
  • Improved UI of the collection management window.
  • Added a keyboard shortcut to open Settings.
  • Nested tag navigation works again.
  • Tags are now viewable from the item detail view.

Installing or Updating

Go to the getting started guide for instructions on installing or updating 1Password.

So many thanks to all the brave souls who have tried this out already! Our development team will be active in this forum so when you find issues please let us know here.

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