🎉 1Password Development Preview 0.8.2


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Happy Monday, everyone!

As you can see, we did not release on Friday. Instead, we've moved everything to Monday so that we can be on hand immediately after you get the new features onto your machines.

This week, we have made a bunch of quality of life improvements and bug fixes.

Development Preview Survey

We have put together a survey where you can provide some feedback. This will help us decide matters such as which distributions to support, how to adjust our user interface, and which features to add.

Take the Development Preview Survey

As always, we take your privacy seriously here and will not even ask for any personally identifiable information. Your participation is optional but appreciated.

Did you know?

You can find help and keyboard shortcuts under the help menu! You can also click "What's New" to get the release notes and interesting news such as the survey!

New and Improved

  • "What's new" in the notification view will show now unread badge when you haven't checked out what's new in 1Password. !2871
  • Added a share button to help with copying item links and moving your items between shared vaults. #2471
  • Move Item dialog will no longer blind you while in dark mode. !2843
  • Added nice placeholder images and messages to the item list and item details when nothing is selected or when the selected list has no items in it. !2816
  • Added an experimental feature to hide/show the sidebar. !2846
  • UI improvements throughout the app, especially within the Move Item and Manage Collections view. #1922, #2432, #2432, !2865, !2658, !2811, !2818, !2836
  • System tray implementation is more reliable and available on other Linux distributions including including desktop environment support for Cinnamon, XFCE, and more. Please let us know if it is not working for you and share your Linux setup, so that we can look into it. !2812
  • Windows appear more smoothly without jumping or flashing. !2813
  • Certain users could not sign in to their 1Password account. Thanks @tdegroot96.
  • Links to shared items can be followed even if the app is not yet running. !2838

Installing or Updating

Go to the getting started guide for instructions on installing or updating 1Password.

So many thanks to all the brave souls who have tried this out already! Our development team will be active in this forum so when you find issues please let us know here.

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