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  • So I started out on 1Password a long time ago. Last year I decided to try a membership, but I don't want to continue that. I prefer stand alone operation and sync my devices with the WLAN. Even now with the membership I don't upload any information to the account. How can I switch back to just standalone and pay for updates only?

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    Hi @Welshdog

    I'm sorry to hear your trial of membership didn't inspire you to continue. Would you mind sharing why that was? We no longer advertise standalone licenses, and they aren't generally a solution we recommend. Membership is the way forward with 1Password.


  • Well, I will never be comfortable having my data stored offsite. I use 1P for everything so if my vault data was accessed by a criminal that would be a catastrophe. If it remains in my hands, only I can be blamed if it is compromised.

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    Thanks @Welshdog. I think it is worth noting that only data that has been encrypted using your Master Password and Secret Key would be synced. Noone other than you has access to either of those secrets. They are never transmitted to us / 1Password.com. Additionally 1Password continues to keep a local cache of the encrypted database on your devices, so you can access it even if you or we are offline.

    An overview of how this all works can be found here:

    About the 1Password security model

    And we have a deeper dive available in white paper form, here:

    1Password Security Design White Paper

    But in short: 1Password's security was designed to not rely on which service syncs the encrypted data. We've designed 1Password such that even if however you are syncing your data is compromised that does not compromise your 1Password data.

    I would encourage you to reconsider. As I mentioned in my last post, membership is the way forward. :+1:


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