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Sign Up Issues: No Secret Key

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Hi, I just signed up for a free trial and received an email that said my account is "all set."

When I click the email, the sign-in form includes a field for a Secret Key. I don't have a Secret Key.

So I'm looking for how to obtain a Secret Key, and all the methods — download your emergency kit, sign in to your account and go to such-and-such tab — those options require being signed in.

Seems that getting a Secret Key requires signing in, and signing in requires a Secret Key. So how do you get a Secret Key without already having a Secret Key? What am I missing here? Was there something that should have happened (but didn't) when I signed up?

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  • ag_anaag_ana
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    Hi @davidjr! Welcome to the forum!

    You can also retrieve the Secret Key directly from the 1Password app or device that you used to sign up ;)

    Find your Secret Key in the 1Password apps

    For example, if you signed up in Safari on iOS, if you visit 1Password.com there again, you should be able to login just with your Master Password. At which point you can also download your Emergency Kit :+1:

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