1Password Development Preview 0.8.10


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Good afternoon, everyone! This Tuesday, we wish Happy Thanksgiving to all of our employees and users in Canada. As you know, 1Password is based in Canada, and thus a lot of our team got to enjoy a much-needed rest yesterday.


Funnily enough, it is rather hard to communicate to a user that something happened in the background in a way that is both clear and non-intrusive. Nevertheless, most applications must solve this problem, and this week we add Toast notifications to 1Password.

You'll start seeing variations of this across the application, especially for important things that we do in the background!

Release Notes

We now have a beautiful new Release Notes website. While we will be keeping these fun announcements going, our official announcements will be on the website now. Never fear, though! The development team will continue to hang out here to answer questions and hear about problems you report.

Thank you for continuing on this path with us!

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