Subscribed via Apple's App Store, now have no way to login and am caught in a loop. Help!

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So I had a trial family account for about a day (signed up on, then canceled it the next morning since my wife said she would never use it. In order to "proactively" avoid any issues with my "already-used" email address, I not only deleted my trial, but clicked delete my entire account completely from ever existing on

Now I only need a single user license, so I opened my iPhone and saw the $8.99 for six months, then $3.99 after that promo banner, clicked subscribe in the App Store app on my phone, subscribed for the 6-month for $8.99 (first billing May 2021). This is where things got super confusing.

I cannot create an account now. There is no way to log in to the 1password apps or website because I have to create an account on, which I can't do since it asks for a credit card to start another trial. I am already subscribed to 1password via the Apple App Store and don't want to start another "trial" that's not part of the Apple App Store $8.99 for 6 months promo.

Step-by-step process:

  • I open the app on my phone, am greeted with the welcome to 1password screen with the text "Get started with a 1password membership. 6 months for $8.99, then $3.99 monthly."

  • I click "sign up" and choose the $35.00 Yearly ($8.99 upfront for the first 6 months) and it says "You're currently subscribed to this" (note, I did this successfully the first time earlier today and it started the subscription, now the dialogue is over and over as described)

  • All I can do from there is click ok (re-starts the above process) or "manage" where I can see that yes, I am subscribed via Apple's billing, but there is no account to log in to nor do I see a way to create one.

It's a circular process, chicken and the egg if you will.

What can I do? I'd rather not just "sign up for an account on which will only give me the option of putting in a credit card for a 30-day trial. Besides, I'm subscribed via Apple now so that would create more of a mess, no? Why aren't the systems talking to each other? As it stands, I have no way to use the subscription I've entered into with Apple.

Help! Since I've canceled my Lastpass and don't know any of my 700+ passwords (I do have the text file ready to load into 1password though).

Final note: when I went to post this question, I had to sign up for a forum account. What I found interesting is it wouldn't accept my mail email address that I've used for all of the above...which leads me to believe my trial family account that I used for like 20 hours this week before completely deleting it was never really fully deleted...

-I just want to be able to create an account, have the Apple App Store deal honored, and be done with it. Thanks.-

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  • ag_anaag_ana

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    Hi @ectect! Welcome to the forum!

    From what you wrote, it sounds like you have not created a new account after deleting the old one activating a subscription on your iOS device. We will be happy to help you with this however. To avoid sharing your account information here, can you send us an email to [email protected] from your account's registered email address so we can continue the conversation there?

    After you have sent the email, please feel free to post the ticket number you received so we can locate your message and connect it with this forum discussion.

    Looking forward to your message!

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