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I was checking my firewall logs and I see that my 1Password desktop app is trying to connect 1password.com with IP6 2600:9000:20eb:4600:c:1c93:4a80:93a1. Why is that? My account is EU account, normally it should connect to 1password.eu. I see twp more connections to my.1password.eu and b5n.1password.eu which are normal


  • VitalyGVitalyG

    Team Member

    Hi @Naxterra

    That's a great question.
    The IPv6 belongs to AWS datacenter in Frankfurt (that's where 1password.eu is hosted too), more specifically it's being used by AWS CloudFront service for static content delivery. Most likely your connections to 1password.com are for "c.1password.com" endpoint. We serve items icons from that endpoint, also Windows client app checks for updates on "c.1password.com".

    Regards, Vitaly

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