1Password on Linux shows more weak password items

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  • Hi, great, i love it, just a bug for now, i note that watchtower shows me more weak passwords than web version, it's a problem, web version recommendations are ok. In web version i have 6 weak passwords and in desktop linux beta 26.

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    Hi @frenzi2012,

    Thanks for taking the time to report this. I've split your post from the feedback thread, so we can look at your issue directly.

    When you look through 26 items that was flagged as having weak passwords, did the password strength next to the first password field say it is weak or terrible?

  • This is web report personal + work baults

    and this is app report all baults at one:

  • edited November 2020

    It seems that many of the reported "good" on the web are in "weak" in the app.
    Thanks for your help

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    @frenzi2012, thanks! The 1Password for Linux app has more up to date algorithms for the password strength, so that does explain why they're not in sync with each other. We'll double check our algorithms on both sides to make sure they'll be aligned in future updates.

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