Random Username Generator?

Hi folks,

This is possibly more of a general feature request than it is a specific Linux question, but as I am actively testing the Linux beta I thought I would ask here.

Are there any plans to have a username generator in 1Password? My use-cases, which are hopefully not just limited to me, are things like:

  • Using a random usernames for online accounts.
  • Random user accounts on servers, databases, etc.

You can kind of do this by changing the username field type but this is really clunky.

The password generator in general is quite clunky and lacks flexibility as it doesn't allow generation of numeric only, lower-case only, or passwords of a length less than 5 characters. While I definitely understand the reasoning behind this, I think there are genuine use-cases that would make these features worthwhile.

For example, Bitwarden has a standalone password generator that you can open in a separate window which allows you populate any field with random data.

This feature alone is one of my biggest pain points in moving to 1Password and hopefully others can share their use-cases to add further merit to this functionality.

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  • This is a great idea!!

  • BlakeBlake

    Team Member

    Hey @rubmifzz 👋

    There aren't any plans in the pipeline for a username generator currently, but I'll certainly pass this along to the team for consideration!

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