Apple active subscription but account frozen

I have active subscription via Apple ID but my account is frozen. What can I do? I wrote to support week ago but nobody answer on my email.

1Password Version: Not Provided
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: Not Provided
Sync Type: Not Provided


  • ag_tommyag_tommy

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    One of my colleagues is replying as we speak. Please continue the discussion via email to avoid sharing private account details here in the forum.

    ref: ZEC-76841-886

  • Same issue. Have emailed twice and no responses from 1Password. My Apple subscription is a family subscription for 6 months and now my account is frozen after 30 days. Has been frozen for at least a week - no access to anyone who will respond. Crazy bad customer service!

  • BenBen AWS Team

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    Hi @jw_mitchell

    We've sent 3 replies to you over the last 5 days... could you please check your spam folder for them? We've responded... but it appears you're not receiving our responses. :( The emails are coming to you from [email protected].

    Thank you.


    ref: MKA-72632-413

  • Same issue. Nobody answer in the support. You claim support 24/7, but noone answers. How Long time does it take to get an answer???

  • ag_anaag_ana

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    We aim to reply to every email within 24 hours :+1: I see all 4 emails you sent us, so someone will get back to you as soon as possible :)

    One suggestion we usually give is not to keep replying to yourself in the email conversation: by doing that, you are moving yourself to the end of the queue, since our team replies from the oldest emails forward. I see you emailed your first one 4 hours ago, so we will do our best to get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you!

    ref: ALI-31435-615

  • I cancel this subscription. No support, still after 7 hours. Can’t work with a product without support.

  • BenBen AWS Team

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    It appears my colleague (also named Ben) replied to you as you were writing that message. Could you please check your email for their response?


  • He claimed you sent responses, but nothing arrived in my Inbasket nor my spam. I don’t believe you sent anything.

  • BenBen AWS Team

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    We've now sent you two emails... if you are still not receiving our messages please let me know.


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