Section Ordering and 2FA auto-select

Hello! I'm trying to add some shared developer accounts for Microsoft Azure and I'm running into an issue with 2FA entries being auto-selected for display in the main grouping, and section ordering acting up.

I entered the Google Voice and GSuite credentials first since I hadn't finished the signup for the Microsoft account yet. When I went back to re-enter the Microsoft info, I noticed that the GSuite 2FA code was being automatically selected and grouped with the main creds.

I figured it was just an issue of the order of the sections, so I switched over to my Macbook and re-ordered the sections, putting the "Microsoft Info" section first. It looked fine on my machine, but when I went back to look in linux it retained the incorrect ordering.

I thought it might be sorting Alphabetically or by number so I tried prefixing the entries with A/B/C and then 1/2/3 but neither seemed to work. Things work as expected on Mac and windows native clients.

Thank you!!!

Screenshots Below :








  • ag_andrewag_andrew

    Team Member

    Hi @SomeRando,

    The first part of your issue outlines the correct behaviour: We hoist the first TOTP field we find into the top section for Login items. So it makes sense that when you added your GSuite 2FA field that it was moved (visually) into the top section.

    But I would have expected, once you re-ordered your sections, for the now-top-most Microsoft 2FA field to be hoisted (visually) into the top section instead.

    Can you verify that after having saved your section re-ordering in the Mac app, that the linux app lifts the top-most TOTP field into the top section (the Microsoft one in this case). If not we can dig deeper to see why it's misbehaving.

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