🎉 1Password 7.6.793 Beta is now available for Windows

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Hi folks,

I hope you are enjoying 2021 so far!

We have another update for you to play with; it is a small bug fix update but for some, there should be some performance gains to be had with larger vaults.

Here's the detailed changelogs:

7.6.793 released on 02/22/2021

[IMPROVED] 1Password is now quicker to load data and uses less memory.
[FIXED] When saving a new Login item via 1Password browser extension, 1Password mini incorrectly disabled vaults that didn't have the import permission but it isn't required for this scenario. {OPW-4960}
[FIXED] When tabbing between fields in the item editor and then alt-tabbing to another app and back, the focus was returned to the search field instead of the editor's last focused field. {OPW-4963}
[FIXED] Closing 1Password while editing or creating a new item sometime results into an item with no title shown, which was fixed by locking and unlocking the app. {OPW-4964}
[FIXED] 1Password attempted to update offline changes made in the specific vaults that then had its permissions revoked prior to the internet being restored. {OPW-4958}
[FIXED] 1Password didn't skip migrating Document items in the read-only vaults. {OPW-4958}
[FIXED] When using a hardware key to authenticate the multi-factor authentication (MFA) dialog in 1Password, which is not supported, 1Password would internally stop syncing due to the hardware key sending an invalid MFA code but it didn't inform the user of this. {OPW-4971}

7.6.791 released on 01/21/2021

[FIXED] Do not include standalone vaults when checking for Document Items to be migrated. {OPW-4952}

7.6.790 released on 01/19/2021:

[IMPROVED] Updated our 1Password brain library for improved filling and saving with the 1Password extensions. {OPW-4926}
[IMPROVED] Our QR code (2FA) scanner is now more responsive and works on more complex multi-monitor setups that would sometimes lead to an out of memory error. {OPW-4923}
[IMPROVED] Initial sync performance has been improved for large 1Password accounts. {OPW-!2396, OPW-!2401}
[IMPROVED] Reduced memory consumption when uploading large files. {OPW-4937}
[IMPROVED] Updated to the latest authentication APIs for the 1Password service. {OPW-4932, OPW-!2390}
[IMPROVED] 1Password will automatically migrate the metadata version (version 1) of Document items to version 2 when it detects older versions. {OPW-!2393}
[IMPROVED] Updated our diagnostics report to include the latest vault version metadata to troubleshoot sync issues. {OPW-4927}
[FIXED] 1Password would show "Subscribed" instead of "Trial" in the Accounts menu when the account was in trial mode. {OPW-4929}
[FIXED] Selecting an item that was not a Login item in 1Password mini didn't always open the item's details in the main 1Password window. {OPW-4924}
[FIXED] 1Password would show expiring items as expired at the beginning of the month instead of the end of the month. {OPW-4928}
[FIXED] Clarified a confusing message when disabling folder sync for a standalone vault. {OPW-4912}


  • Oh it's time for a new release :fearful:
    At the first glimpse, everything works as great and snappy as in the last months it already did!

    (only the mysterious could not focus browser window for active session error is still here, but doesn't harm just like before)

  • MikeTMikeT Agile Samurai

    Team Member

    @lumarel, I'm glad to hear that, thanks as always for quickly testing it.

  • You're welcome @MikeT ! :chuffed:
    It's too early to call it testing, but I don't really think that I will find some new issues.
    This application has come a long way and doesn't really give much (new, not already documented) room for reporting ^^

  • Dayton_agDayton_ag

    Team Member

    @lumarel Thanks so much for the kind words! Every extra set of eyes on the beta versions helps us to get things polished up and ready for full release - thanks again for your help! :chuffed:

  • DenalBDenalB
    edited January 20

    Thanks for the new beta! I'm looking forward to testing it out. :)

  • lumarellumarel
    edited January 20

    As always it's a pleasure @Dayton_ag :chuffed:
    After some more hours I found the polishing! Compared to the latest stable release the new beta is noticeably faster on performance bottlenecked devices :+1: (the device is a Ultrabook with quite a load of load during work, often limited by the maximum CPU load)
    (and no issues up to now)

  • MikeTMikeT Agile Samurai

    Team Member

    @lumarel Awesome! We're happy to hear that.

  • MikeTMikeT Agile Samurai

    Team Member

    We've shipped another small bug-fix update just now, I've updated the original post with the changelog for it.

  • Thanks for the update! Just installed it and it looks good so far. :+1:

  • MikeTMikeT Agile Samurai

    Team Member

    Glad to hear it, thanks again.

  • Congrats to the next release :chuffed:
    Btw I don't really see any performance improvements (even on the performance bottlenecked device), and actually a little bit more memory usage (around 5MB) from the last version to this one ^^
    This could also totally be just randomness

  • MikeTMikeT Agile Samurai

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    edited February 22

    @lumarel, thanks again as usual.

    This one is more specific to showing data faster in the UI by reducing some of the workload prior to loading. This means it is usually noticeable at initial unlock, such as filling in after unlocking with 1Password mini or doing a search for another example. In certain cases, we saw a 7x speedup but not everyone will see this as it does depend on how many items you have.

    As for memory consumption, it should be more noticeable when you have a lot of custom icons. It should also drop more quicker than usual when you're not doing anything in the UI and the app cleans up after itself, which means it will be random when you test it. So, it should average out to be lower than before.

  • Ah okay, thank you for your explanation @MikeT !

    I might just be used to the quite high performance (beside the initial unlock sequence, which is since I started the discussion about the unlock performance 7+ seconds long, on every device, which I kind of stopped noticing), that I don't have too many slow cases anymore. :chuffed:

    Hm okay then my ~50 custom icons might just be too little, to even notice.
    Beside the "is it lower now?" part, I'm really pleased to see that 1Password is definitely one of the programs which make the most out of the little memory footprint it has! In times, where a lot of applications use Electron, it's really refreshing to see that somebody cares about the memory footprint :)

  • BlakeBlake

    Team Member


    Seeing as this specific fix was targeted for folks who did have large amount of items -- it sounds like you might not have enough items to notice any discernable difference. No worries, though! We'll take that as a win anyways! 😊

    We really do care about making sure our memory footprint is only as big as it needs to be. For everything that 1Password does (load all of your items, decrypt them, sync them in the background, manage search and filling, etc) and we still manage to come in a fairly small footprint, it's certainly something we're proud of. Thanks for the kind words! 💙

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