Scrolling notes jump back to top, and search doesn't display details

Firstly, absolutely love 1Password. Have used it for many years. There's a couple of weird issues which I've had for some time, neither of which are a massive problem but they've been around for a while... definitely nothing that's only happened recently.

  1. Sometimes when I'm using the main 1Password app to search all my items, the list of items below the search box responds to what I'm looking for - but the details over on the right get "stuck" on whichever item I was looking at previously. I can click through the search results and they will highlight fine, and I can change my search terms and the list will respond - but no matter which item I click the details pane doesn't change. The solution is to CTRL-ALT-DEL, force the 1Password app to close then when I reopen it everything is fine again.

  2. Notes. I have lots of notes that are quite large.. I use them to store details relating to particular clients. If I search for a note, find it, and then start scrolling through it and find it quite often suddenly jump back to the top of the note after a few seconds. This can be annoying as it usually happens just when I'm managed to find the part I was looking for then.. bang.. I'm taken back to line 1! That only happens the first time after selecting a note, if I then scroll down it again it works fine.

  3. Sync between devices. I made some changes to one of my big notes at work yesterday evening. Today I'm at home and I've loaded up the same note.. however the changes I made at work (maybe about 12 hours ago) aren't showing. If I remote to my computer at work, open one password, and check the note.. the changes are there. However I still don't see don't see them at home. The note at home has a "last modifed" date of the day before!

Any thoughts would be appreciated, thanks.


1Password Version: 7.6.791
Extension Version: 1.23.0
OS Version: Windows 10 20H2
Sync Type: 1Password


  • Hi @dns72,

    I just tried to reproduce your search issue and I can't reproduce it. No matter which entry I'm looking for the details view switches to that entry immediately. I'm also on version 7.6.791, but I'm on the beta channel.

  • BlakeBlake

    Team Member

    Howdy @dns72 🤠

    While I was unsuccessful reproducing your first issue that you mentioned, I'm going to keep trying in hopes of successfully reproducing it here on my end. If there are any additional details you could provide, or even the steps you take before encountering these -- definitely feel free to share them.

    As for your second issue, we've passed this along to our development team for further investigation.

    Lastly, your last and final issue seems like there may be something fundamentally wrong with 1Password syncing on your work machine. This is something we see pretty regularly with work-based machines, as they're almost always packed full of networking software (or other un-fun things) that tend to throw 1Password into a tizzy.

    Could you please create a diagnostics report for 1Password on that work machine, and then include that diagnostic in an email to me and my team at [email protected] so we could take a closer look at things?

  • Hi guys, thanks for your replies. @Blake I'll get the diagnostic report done and emailed thanks.

    I just reopened 1Password on my Mac at home (it's now Sunday and I changed the note at work on Friday) and initially it still showed the old version of the note but within a few seconds HAS now updated to show the new details.

    In terms of the search glitch - it doesn't happen often and it always catches me out where I haven't been paying attention to the steps which led up to it. I think it most often happens when I have already been using the app, have it minimised, and then bring it up to search for something else.. it would already be unlocked.. that's when the details pane remains stuck as I described. Again I think, but can't be sure, it's usually one of my larger notes that gets stuck in the pane.

  • Hey @dns72,

    I think it most often happens when I have already been using the app, have it minimised, and then bring it up to search for something else.. it would already be unlocked.. that's when the details pane remains stuck as I described.

    It sounds like it could be the same as this problem already reported:

    If the search problem appears please be so kind and force quit 1Password and try again after restarting. Maybe this workaround helps you too.

  • BlakeBlake

    Team Member

    Thanks a bunch for emailing in, @dns72 🤘

    We've received and replied your email here on our end, and we will continue our conversation there.

    ref: NLW-91677-886

  • Hi - since posting the query above I've eventually figured out what I was doing wrong!
    Turns out this happens when I had a note open for editing and hadn't committed the changes... it was quite rightly stopping me from moving away without saving or discarding the changes.
    Makes perfect sense now.

  • ag_anaag_ana

    Team Member

    Thank you for the update @dns72!

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