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Firstly, I'm very thankful for the new related editing in the new update, the app is getting really good! Thank you for supporting Linux.

However, one thing I've always wondered about is why they are only one-way. I personally use related items to link accounts that are only accessible via, say, Google or Twitter sign-in. Right now, I have to create links on both the main account (eg Google) and the other account to the main account. I recognize that this is a new feature behavior, but I'm going to suggest it anyways.

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  • BlakeBlake

    Team Member

    Hi @alvarlagerlof

    First of all, thank you for your feedback about the related items feature. If all these "related" items share the same username and password due to them using a unified login (such as logging into a website using your Google Account) -- have you considered using a single Login item, with multiple website URL fields instead?

  • @Blake They to not share usernames and passwords. Let be more clear on how I'm using the related items feature.

    Let's say I downloaded an app that only allows account creation and sign-in via Google. An example of such an app is Byte, but there are many others that only allow Twitter/Facebook/Google/GitHub and the likes.

    When I encounter this, I obviously have to use that sign-in method, even though I'd rather input an email and a password. But I want to keep tack of that new account, because I consider 1password to be my source of truth for what accounts I currently have. I also want to save it in case it ever gets password login too.

    Anyways, what I'd do in this case is creating a new login for Byte with only the website inputed, and then I'd link it to the Google login, using related items. I'd also link the Google login to the Byte login. This way discovery of every account is easy and the dependency is clear.

    So what I'm asking for is only having to do this once. When adding a related item, the related item automatically ads the edited item as a related item itself.

  • BlakeBlake

    Team Member

    Ah! I see what you mean now, and it totally makes sense too!

    I'll definitely pass this one along to our team to see how we could best improve this. Thanks a bunch for clarifying things! 💙

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