0.9.11 closing periodically

Since I installed 0.9.11 on Kubuntu 20.10, I have noticed that it closes periodically. I don't know if "crash" is the right word, but it may be. I have it configured to autostart on login, and I can enter my password and open it. A little while later, I look for it and it's not there. I don't remember noticing this with a previous version.

1Password Version: 0.9.11
Extension Version: 1Password X 1.23
OS Version: Kubuntu 20.10
Sync Type: 1Password


  • Dayton_agDayton_ag

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    Hi @Johann_Koebbe, thanks so much for writing in with this! I've been working on trying to reproduce this on my machine - 1Password locks automatically after a few minutes, but the window remains open for me. Could you confirm if 1Password is still running, or if it's completely closed? If it appears that 1Password kills its process completely, we may need to look a little deeper. Let me know what you find, and we can keep the ball rolling from there! :chuffed:

  • @Dayton_ag :smile: I updated last night and got 0.9.12, but I'll keep an eye on it and try to provide whatever information I can. Thanks for the reply!

  • @Dayton_ag With 0.9.12, it looks like the window is just closing. Only one process stopped:

    johann 1626 1434 6 07:03 ? 00:03:32 /opt/1Password/1password --type=renderer --field-trial-handle=5936562955296681298,5484501418560020176,131072 --enable-features=WebComponentsV0Enabled --disable-features=CookiesWithoutSameSiteMustBeSecure,SameSiteByDefaultCookies,SpareRendererForSitePerProcess --lang=en-US --app-path=/opt/1Password/resources/app.asar --no-sandbox --no-zygote --preload=/opt/1Password/resources/app.asar/preload.js --context-isolation --world-safe-execute-javascript --background-color=#fff --enable-spellcheck --enable-websql --disable-electron-site-instance-overrides --num-raster-threads=4 --enable-main-frame-before-activation --renderer-client-id=4 --no-v8-untrusted-code-mitigations --shared-files=v8_context_snapshot_data:100

    The task bar icon is still present, and when I click on it and choose "Open 1Password", the window becomes visible again waiting for me to enter my master password. At this point, the process that disappeared has returned:

    johann 6534 1434 35 11:00 ? 00:01:15 /opt/1Password/1password --type=renderer --field-trial-handle=5936562955296681298,5484501418560020176,131072 --enable-features=WebComponentsV0Enabled --disable-features=CookiesWithoutSameSiteMustBeSecure,SameSiteByDefaultCookies,SpareRendererForSitePerProcess --lang=en-US --app-path=/opt/1Password/resources/app.asar --no-sandbox --no-zygote --preload=/opt/1Password/resources/app.asar/preload.js --context-isolation --world-safe-execute-javascript --background-color=#fff --enable-spellcheck --enable-websql --disable-electron-site-instance-overrides --num-raster-threads=4 --enable-main-frame-before-activation --renderer-client-id=5 --no-v8-untrusted-code-mitigations --shared-files=v8_context_snapshot_data:100

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    edited February 12

    Hey @johann_koebbe, thanks so much for your patience - I apologize for my delay getting back to you. I'm still currently working on trying to reproduce this on my end, and I'll update you as soon as I have some more information to share. In the meantime, have you noticed if the 1Password window closes while you're actively using the device, or is it only after the device sleeps and then is woken up?

  • @Dayton_ag No worries. You have a job and a life. And a cat. :wink: The 1Password window goes away during normal use of my computer. It's like the inactivity timer kills the window instead of covering it with the lock screen. :shrug:

  • Dayton_agDayton_ag

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    Hey there @johann_koebbe, I've done a bit more testing here as well as communication with my colleagues on the Development team - they're aware of this and are currently working on improving the autolock behavior within the Linux app. For now, we suggest keeping an eye on the Release Notes page and keeping your app up-to-date to benefit from improvements as they're rolled out. :smile:

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  • @Dayton_ag I realized today why I didn't notice this behavior before. I had configured the app, through settings.json, to not lock after some amount of time. If no lock, no disappearing window. Apparently my settings.json file was overwritten during an upgrade, else I have no explanation for how the configuration changed. I'll pay attention when I next upgrade.

  • Dayton_agDayton_ag

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    @johann_koebbe That sounds good! Keep us posted, and feel free to keep an eye on our Release Notes page to keep up-to-date on all the newest improvements. :smile:

  • @Dayton_ag The email notifying me of your message reminded me that I wanted to post one myself. :laugh:

    I picked up 0.9.13 today and it did not wipe my settings.json.

    And I am always on the lookout for the post about a new release! ;)

  • Dayton_agDayton_ag

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    Sounds great - thanks again! :chuffed:

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