On Linux Ubuntu 18.04, how can I use 1Password on Browser

I have been using 1Password for more than 1 year. Works perfectly on Mac and Windows. Now I bought a computer to use it with Linux, but I can't make 1Password to work in the Browser in this Linux (Ubuntu 18.04).
I have already installed the 1Password app, and it works fine, but the browser extension doesn't work (I tried both on Chrome and on Firefox).
I installed the 1Password extension on Chrome and Firefox, but in both browsers the 1Password icon is greyed out and when I click on it nothing happens.
If leave my Ubuntu 1Password app logged into 1Password, but it doesn't help to fill the passwords when I am on webpages, so I need the browser extension.
How can I solve this problem? Does it work differently on Linux than on Windows and Mac?
Thanks a lot
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  • BlakeBlake

    Team Member

    Howdy @eduardo13542 🤠

    1Password for Linux doesn't (yet) support communicating with browser extensions -- as such even if you could install the extension on Linux, it wouldn't work. 1Password in your browser is the recommended browser extension for 1Password on Linux.

    Get to know 1Password in your browser

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