1Password for Linux, beta #28


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Welcome back to Release Monday, everyone!

This week, we're seeing a lot of quality of life improvements. Amongst them, we have some new headers in the item list to help break the list into sections, we have fixed how we handle auto-lock settings, and now you can search your items by sensitive data. If you have forgotten an item, but can remember the credit card number, the pin, or a part of your password, you can now use that sensitive information to search for the item.

We also have several security improvements. We noticed recently that a lot of network requests were being cached to disk. Though these requests do not reveal any passwords, we decided that this was unsafe and have disabled the network cache completely.

Be sure to check out the release weblog for a full list of changes.

Database Migration

Today's release includes a database migration which will take up to half a minute when you first start 1Password after the upgrade. Your items may not be visible while the migration is in progress. You should not see this delay again next time you start 1Password.

Did You Know?

In the triple-dot menu, there is a mysterious option... "Copy link to item". What is this thing for?

Well, if you copy a link to an item and then paste it into your browser, your browser will attempt to open 1Password to that item. But, this is not sharable in the normal sense of a link. Sure, you can share the link to others, but it will only work if they have a 1Password account and have access to that vault. Without access to the vault, the link is useless to them.

This is great when you have a very large shared vault, or a large number of vaults, and you want to point one of your peers directly to one exact item without ambiguity.

Installing and upgrading

Go to the getting started guide for instructions on installing or updating 1Password.

I feel very fortunate to be here watching these features go live, and contributing my own, working on a product that I love on a platform that I have been using since the 1.2 kernel days. Thank you so much for taking this journey with us.

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