Browser Integration for chromium-browser-privacy

Hey 1P team,

first of all: Thank you for your amazing work! It's a pleasure to see this client getting better and better from week to week 8-)

I have a little issue: I use Fedora 33 and I really like the browser integration which I use in FF. Also, it works in Chromium (chromium-browser) installed via the updates repo. Unfortunately, when I use chromium-browser-privacy from rpmfusion-free-updates the extension cannot connect to the desktop client. Renaming the start script for chromium-browser-privacy to chromium-browser did not fix the issue which seems reasonable when you read the changelog:

Browser integration now works when Chromium is installed as chromium-browser.

So maybe it's just a matter of "allowed" strings or something like this? Would be really cool to have 1P working in the ungoogled Chromium version too :)

BR & thanks!

1Password Version: 8.0.30
Extension Version: 1.24.5
OS Version: Fedora 33
Sync Type: Not Provided


  • nickmcguirenickmcguire

    Team Member

    Heya @LeDidi 👋🏼

    As you've thought we have a list of "approved" browsers which 1Password for Linux will communicate with (and as you've found it's slightly more than just the name)

    We've added chromium-browser-privacy into that list and it'll make it out with the next release of 1Password for Linux 🐧🔐

    If you have any other questions, please reach back out!

  • Hey @nickmcguire

    woah, amazing news! Thank you :)


  • Any chance that Vivaldi is/will be a part of the "approved" browsers list? UnknownBrowser(/opt/vivaldi/vivaldi-bin) . Trying to not go back to chrome :)



  • Dayton_agDayton_ag

    Team Member
    edited March 26


    I don't currently have anything to share with regard to browser integration being brought to Vivaldi, but I'll make sure to log your interest internally and pass it along to the team to consider. :smile:

    ref: /dev/projects/customer-feature-requests/#628

  • Thanks again. It isn't a showstopper. It works well with Firefox and Chrome.

  • Dayton_agDayton_ag

    Team Member


    No problem - sorry I don't have anything to share at this time, but I'm glad to hear that integration is working well for you in those other browsers. :smile:

  • Hey @nickmcguire , I just installed the update and it works like a charm :) Very appreciated!

  • Dayton_agDayton_ag

    Team Member


    I'm glad to hear integration with the chromium browser is working for you in the most recent update! Thanks for bringing it to our attention. :smile:

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