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2016 MBP 13-inch Core i5 running Mac OS 11.2.3 and running 1Password version 7.8 (says it's most up to date version on update check).

Been using 1P for many years and overall extremely satisfied with it. Up until the past few weeks, I have typically used the touch ID within Safari to successfully open the app at appropriate times. The exception has been the weekly requirement to re-enter the Master Password. This was typical behavior regardless of any computer re-boots or opening and closing of applications.

However, in the past few weeks, the program has started requiring me to enter the Master Pass multiple times per week and, on some days, multiple times per day. I have looked for a software update and it says that I'm running the most up to date. I have changed the requirement in the settings to only ask for the Master Pass every 2 weeks, and this has not effected any change in the behavior. I'm trying to figure out what caused the change in behavior, but without success. Both system and software are up to date. I also tried turning off Touch ID completely and re-activating it, also to no avail.

There is a discrepancy in the help pages on the site and on my Settings options. On the help page, it says the following: "If Require Master Password is set to After Device Restart in Settings > Advanced > Security, and you’ve just restarted your device." This isn't an option in my Settings menu. I'm wondering why the discrepancy? Regardless, like I wrote above, re-start in the past did not affect the schedule, so that shouldn't have changed now. Any advice would be helpful and appreciated.

1Password Version: 7.8
Extension Version:Unsure where to locate this info
_OS Version:
Sync Type: iCloud


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    Are you being prompted from the Mac app or the browser extension? Which extension are you using and which browser?

    How to keep 1Password up to date in your browser should be able to guide you to the appropriate information about your browser extension.

    Check for the Advanced section below the review 1Password section. At first glance, it may not appear as there is an option to be found below the Review 1Password section. * You may need to scroll the page.

  • Thanks for asking. I pretty much exclusively use Safari, only rarely use Firefox and don't typically need 1P in Firefox. Per the link you sent, it says Safari's extension automatically updates with the app, which might explain why I can't find the version info.

    However, it is from the extension that I get prompted for the password. I rarely open the app on its own, and this is happening when I click on the extension on a page (such as Mint or my bank's website) when it appears under the text input (sign-in, password) boxes. It shows the box under the text input box with the "Unlock 1Password" button, and when I click that, instead of just responding to my fingerprint, it will ask for the Master P. As I mentioned, it's not every time, but it's happening frequently, sometimes a couple times a day. For example, in the attached screenshot, while it's not happening right now, if I click on the Unlock Password button, it will request the Master P.

    As for your screenshot, if I'm not mistaken you're referencing the App Store version. I am essentially (99.8%) certain that my version I bought directly from the site. Not sure what difference that makes, if any. Thanks for the quick feedback. Let me know what other info would be helpful. I'm not sure the site still offers just a standalone app, as it seems more subscription based, but I bought it a number of years ago.

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    My screenshot was from the iOS app. When you talked about the following

    If Require Master Password is set to After Device Restart in Settings > Advanced > Security, and you’ve just restarted your device.

    That section from the documentation is only relevant on the iOS app and not the Mac app.

    Yes correct the Mac app and the Safari extension share the same state. Version 7.8 is indeed the latest version of 1Password. Have you tried adjusting your auto-lock settings? That may contribute to needing to input the Master Password more often.

    How to set 1Password to lock automatically

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