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Suppose that I am on a credit card or stock investing website and I would like to link my bank account by logging into the account from the popup on the website (similar to using social logins). Whenever I try to do this, 1Password provides the login credentials for the main website, rather than the bank website. Is there a way for 1Password to provide the correct credentials?

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  • @lamson12 You can add multiple URLs to the same login. If the pop-up is being served by the stock investing website then try adding the stock investing website URL to your bank website login.

  • ag_yaronag_yaron

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    Yes, as missingbits described, you can open your 1Password, select the login of your bank and click on "Edit" to enter edit mode and add the stocks investing website's URL under the bank's URL in that login entry, then save it.

    The bank's login entry will now be suggested as an autofill option in both websites.

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