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Good morning, Linux-land.

I feel like I say this every week now, but we've really gained some great momentum and our release notes are once again quite long! But instead of my normal quick summary, this week I want to jump directly into showcasing two major new features.

Delete and Archive ♻

This week, I'm happy to show off the new Delete and Archive commands.

You can get to Archive and Delete from the overflow menu on an item, and by right-clicking on the item.

"Archive" will move an item out of the main view of the application. Items in the archive will no longer appear in your vaults or in searches, but you can always go to the Archived section on the left sidebar to view and restore any archived items. This is a nice, safe place to move things that you no longer need to see.

If you don't want the item at all, you can also choose to Delete the item. If you delete an item by mistake, you can quickly hit the Undo button in the toast. As a last resort, you can go to the 1Password web application, open the Trash, and select "View Archived Items" to restore a deleted item.


Along with Delete and Archive, we now support the ability to select multiple items at the same time, using all of the keystrokes you are already familiar with! Shift-click to select a contiguous group, Control-click to select several disparate items, or Control-A to select all of the items in the view. You can then drag all the selected items to a different vault, to a tag, onto favorites, Archive them, or even Delete them.

AppImage 🌇

When we first launched the 1Password Early Access, we included AppImage releases for platforms that we were not officially supported. AppImage never worked quite perfectly, and that problem has grown as we have added more advanced features, such as the connection between the 1Password Desktop Application and 1Password for the Browser. So, the time has come for us to sunset our AppImage release.

We have, for a few months, been making a tar.gz release, which serves as the basis of our Arch releases, and is better suited to the needs of folks who rebundle 1Password for their own platforms.

So, this release will be the last AppImage release. We will add the tar.gz release to our instructions between now and next week. Internally, we already use this as the basis for all of our other packaging. We hope that this makes life easier for all other package managers.

Installing and upgrading

Go to the getting started guide for instructions on installing or updating 1Password.

I offer a special thank-you to everyone who took our recent Beta Survey. The results are informative and help us to shape our development efforts.

And that is all for this week! Have a good week!


  • I'm excited for the new "Archive" & "Delete" options (and their respective ability to restore options). I already use 1Password for Windows, 1PasswordX, and the Android app. How does this new feature align with those platforms? I know for a long time there was no Archive option in some of those platforms so I (on the advice of other community users), use an "Archive" vault and remove it from being shown in the "All vault" view, but would love to move to a native Archive such as this new feature, but want to ensure it aligns across all platforms and doesn't go missing on some.

  • SavanniSavanni

    Team Member

    Hello, @k4n30! I'm happy to see your excitement. :)

    1Password for Linux is the first of our betas to show the new Archive feature. You will soon see it in the other desktop and mobile applications as well as the website and the browser extension. For now, items archived in 1Password for Linux will appear in the Trash in the other desktop applications and in the browser.

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