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I would like to update my desktop version to 1Password 7, but without a subscription. Is this possible as a longtime customer? Currently I am using 1Password version 6.8.9 on a MacBookPro with MAC OS 10.15.7.

Thank you.

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1Password Version: 6.8.9
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: OS X 10.15.7
Sync Type: Not Provided


  • BenBen AWS Team

    Team Member

    Hi @nola

    Thanks for your interest in getting upgraded. We're no longer advertising licensing of the 1Password apps. The way forward with 1Password would be through our 1Password membership service, which includes access to the latest versions of all of the apps as well as the 1Password service itself. You can read more about this here:

    About 1Password membership

    If you'd like to discuss further I would encourage you to reach out to our upgrade specialists at [email protected]. They'd be best positioned to assist with any specifics regarding your situation. Feel free to include a link to this thread with your email so that you're not repeating yourself. :)

    I hope that helps!


  • Just learning about 1Password now dropping support for the standalone (no subscription) model. That's too bad. I've been a long time 1Password user and am on version 7. I hope this standalone version works for a very long time as I hate subscription models. I'm willing to pay for upgrades, but having a subscription feels like constantly having to think about budgets. I like the pay once and be done and if I need to pay again for upgrade I can re-look at my budget.

  • brentybrenty 1Password Alumni

    I'm sorry to hear that. It's not our intention to make people feel that way. For some folks, 1Password.com gift cards are a good option, because they do allow for an upfront "bulk" payment (and more variety in payment methods in some regions) that can be used over the course of months and years. But most customers I talk to are happy just paying annually since that's also easy to budget for, saves them about 20% over paying monthly, and is almost always going to be less than a single license for one version of 1Password anyway -- often much less, depending on the membership plan. Not everyone feels the same way, obviously, and use cases will differ, but getting all the 1Password apps and updates, built-in sync, and automatic offsite backup as part of a membership is the best experience we're able to make so far, what customers asked us for literally for years, and therefore our focus.

    We stopped marketing standalone/licenses years ago because there's a better option now, and while it comes up occasionally we can respond and that's still much less hassle for people compared to the confusion and frustration folks had trying to use 1Password seamlessly across their devices as a result, not having what they wanted and needed. I don't even like thinking about that, because it wasn't fun for anyone, to put it mildly. But at the same time it's important to remember those times in order to avoid making the same mistakes, as it absolutely seems reasonable to offer memberships and licenses side by side on our website. But we tried that for over a year and it was a disaster mitigated only by putting an end to it. Even if it had made people happy it wasn't sustainable from a support perspective...but it only ever made anyone "happy" in the sense that offering both options was intellectually satisfying.

    Everyone is different, but for a lot of customers who've said as much, an affordable recurring payment ensures they can budget in advance and know they will get all the updates, instead of whenever a new version happens to be released having to determine if they can afford the upfront payment at that time. I definitely appreciate the sentiment of paying upfront and not having to worry about it after that -- I do that with a lot of things -- but when it comes to software/services that are constantly being updated, that makes less sense.

    Certainly I have some utility apps I paid for upfront and couldn't see myself paying a subscription for because they are rarely (if ever) updated and really don't need to be. But, for example, if we still paid for web browsers (I did pay for some version of Netscape, and some niche Mac browsers back in the day, but all of those are long gone), I'd definitely be willing to pay for a few of them, since they're an absolute necessity for me, and it's critical they be updated for compatibility and security. If the most popular browser in the world wasn't funded by advertising, so that others essentially must offer their own browsers for "free" as well (if anything can truly be said to be free), things might be very different.

    1Password requires ongoing development for many reasons, but we do not and will not sell ads or user data, and go out of our way to know as little about our customers as possible, since that's crucial for security and privacy, and also because we like having customers, rather than users who are the product, since we value security and privacy for ourselves and our own families. "We do the work; you pay us for it" seems like the quintessential fair, easy, and transparent trade, which is a rare thing in a sense these days.

    There has never truly been a "pay once and be done" with 1Password and most other software that isn't abandoned, since paid upgrades have been the norm for decades, so with software that's continually being updated, subscriptions are more a matter of making "official" something that's been mainly just an implication: "Yes, we're going to continue to update 1Password regularly", for compatibility (browser, OS), improvements (filling, other features), and new features, without needing to hold back more substantial things for a major release to drive upgrade sales. Some things (1Password X, 1Password for Linux, the op CLI app, and some amazing integrations) likely couldn't have happened without a service/platform to bootstrap those projects. We may not be able to satisfy everyone, but I'm really glad that with the service we've been able to new build things that lack mainstream appeal so that customers can use 1Password in places where it didn't exist before. :)

  • I would also like to updated but will not subscribe.

    I've been using 1password for ten years, since 1Password Pro, v3.5.7. I've paid multiple times over the years for upgrades. Now looking to abandon 1Password completely as I cannot use it with Safari without purchasing a USD subscription. Please re-introduce standard licenses again, I'm not signing up for another software subscription. FYI I transitioned from Adobe to Affinity tools after 20+ years with Adobe because they moved to a subscription model.

  • BenBen AWS Team

    Team Member

    Hey @jonbrewer

    I hear you on the subscription aspect. It can get difficult to manage all of the various services that are subscription-based. One thing you might consider here would be purchasing a gift card for 1Password,com. We currently have a sale on our $125 USD gift cards for $99 USD. This would enable you to use 1Password for multiple years on a single payment. When the credit on the gift card runs out you could either buy another, add a credit card, or use 1Password in frozen/read-only mode. I'd encourage you to reach out to our team at [email protected] to discuss your particular situation and see what the best option would be. Please include your latest license purchase with your email if you have it handy, as well as a link to this thread:

    We look forward to your email.


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