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Happy Monday, Linuxers!

This week we have a bunch of small improvements all over 1Password. Since deleting an item is a destructive operation, we are now presenting a confirmation warning, just to be sure. We have done some work to make Watchtower categories more focused. And, we have improved the drag and drop interface for documents so that you can replace an existing file by dragging a new one over it. Plus, we have a variety of improved colors, icons, and streamlined workflows. Check out the full list on our release notes weblog.

Browser Integration

Browser integration has improved significantly since we introduced it in March, so this week we are enabling it by default. If you have never switched the "Connect with 1Password in the browser" setting, it will be automatically turned on in this release. However, if you have turned that setting on or off before, we will not change your choice.

That option remains in the settings menu, so you will always be able to turn it off if you wish.

MFA, Improved

I want to draw your attention directly to the MFA prompt. While you may not see it very often, you are in for a treat when you do!

Since I have multiple accounts, and I have MFA enabled on all of them, I was thrilled to see this update to the user interface added. I want to offer cheers to our design team and to the engineers who worked to make this improvement.

Installing and upgrading

Go to the getting started guide for instructions on installing or updating 1Password.

And that is all for this week! Have a good week, and we will be back next week with yet more updates!


  • MFA, Improved

    Fantastic! Before it was just trial, and often, error

  • Thanks for this new update!

    I'm just starting my journey on Linux (Ubuntu) coming from macOS and 1Password is so important to me on a daily basis (I manage hundreds of passwords for myself and my clients).

    I look forward to being able to upgrade. I just checked on apt-get and the new version is not yet available.

    By the way, an issue I'm having is with PDF documents: I'm not able to read them in the app. I cannot download them either.


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    @invino On Ubuntu, I got the new version yesterday. :shrug: Once you add the 1P repository, it should be available. Did you sudo apt update first?

  • Interesting... yes, I do sudo apt update all the time. But no luck, I'm stuck with 8.0.33-53.BETA.

    Here's the message I get: 1password est déjà la version la plus récente (8.0.33-53.BETA).

  • @invino That's the latest vesion. :smile:

  • invinoinvino
    edited April 28

    Oh, I just realized I HAVE the latest version! Sorry about this, I got misled by this post where the version number has a 9 in it, but not even at the start :-P


    I wonder what is this version number that Dave is mentioning here...

  • SavanniSavanni

    Team Member

    @invino Is your system set for French across the entire system? If so, are you getting proper French translations in 1Password?

    The version number discrepancy is a little weird and an artifact of some internal processes. The 0.9 series actually is the 8.0 series, but we have some internal things that we still need to do before we can make all of the numbers line up perfectly.

  • @Savanni my system is in French yes, but most of the app is still in English. I only get a few things in French like the button to create a new item, the "edit" button, or also the "file size" for stored documents.

    Ah ok I see what you mean about the version number, that explains it all :-) Thanks for this useful info!

  • Dayton_agDayton_ag

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    @Invino Thanks for the info!

    Ah ok I see what you mean about the version number, that explains it all :-) Thanks for this useful info!

    On behalf of my colleague Savanni, not a problem! :smile:

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