2FA doesn't autofill on OneLogin


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This discussion was created from comments split from: 1Password's autofill enters password into OneLogin's 2FA field.


  • This seems to still be a problem for me on mobile via Android 7.7.4. For now I just exit out of the OneLogin flow, and go to the 1Password app to copy the OTP to get past this. It works fine for me on desktop via Firefox and the extension.

  • periperi

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    Hi @yiati. It looks like your original comment was on a thread about using 1Password in your browser, but your problem is with 1Password on Android. Can you clarify whether 1Password on Android is filling your password in the OTP field in the OneLogin app on Android?

    Also, launch and unlock 1Password, tap Settings > Autofill. Is Auto--copy one-time passwords turned on there?

  • yiatiyiati
    edited April 29

    Hey @peri , yep 1Password on Android is filling my password in the OTP field in the OneLogin app on Android, as well as on the OneLogin mobile browser website.

    As for the Auto--copy one-time passwords setting, I did not have that turned on, but that is pretty handy, and should be a nice enough short cut to get me around this problem!

  • periperi

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    Thanks for checking, and I'm glad that helps as a workaround. I'll share this issue with our development team so they can look into it.

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