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I'm having three problems with Expand search to all fields. As you know, searching for a domain in 1P3 would return all items with that domain in the website field, no search expansion necessary. In 1P4:

  • On the iPad (4.1.2 general release), no results where domain matches the website field and there is no Expand search to all fields option at all.
  • On the iPhone (current beta, can't find where the version is), the Expand search to all fields option returns only 1 additional result instead of 3 (for the search term I'm using) where domain matches the website field.
  • Expand search to all fields is very slow on my 4S, much slower than with 1P3.


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    Hi @mrtoner,

    Thanks for the report.

    1. In the current beta, your domain search is supposed to find all the sites without the expansion, the default search covers your username, password, title and website. Can you give more details and/or share screenshots of what it found in addition to what it didn't found?
    2. Expand search to all fields is supposed to be slow, that's why we didn't enable it by default and we didn't have this in 1P3. When you tap on this button, it covers all fields including custom fields in each item individually. Since each item has to be decrypted first (eats a lot of CPU) and then searched through, it'll take much longer to perform this type of search if you have a large database.
    3. You can find the current version by going to Settings and look under Recommend 1Password:
  • mrtonermrtoner Senior Member

    Allrighty, here is a series of images to illustrate the issue:

    1P3 iPad
    1Password 3 on iPad, 4 logins)

    1P4 iPad
    1Password 4 on iPad, 1 login, 1 password, no button for expanded search

    1P4 iPhone
    1Password 4 on iPhone, 1 login, 1password

    1P4 iPhone expanded
    1Password 4 on iphone, search results expanded, 2 logins, 1 password

    It appears that the reason 3 of the 4 logins don't show up in 1P4 is that the website as entered in 1P on the desktop is "http://7dollarforum.com" -- the one that is showing up is "7dollarforum.com:2082" (are you doing a begins with search here instead of contains?). I have no explanation for why the 1 additional login shows up on an expanded search and the other 2 do not.

  • mrtonermrtoner Senior Member

    Any further comment on this? It's extremely annoying not to be able to find passwords when searching by domain name. Perplexing that the "Expand search to all fields" option is not available on iPad.

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    Hi @mrtoner,

    I'm sorry about the delay in responding here. We've been busy working on 1Password 4 for OS X.

    Is this still a problem, we've improved the searching in B12, can you tell me if it helps at all.

    Please let me know.

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