[Solved] Is Standalone License fading away in coming future?

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So WWDC is over, now we may see the next major iteration soon later this year. Well, maybe not, but sooner or later in the future.

I'm a long time 1Password for Mac standalone license user (now I'm on ver 7) and I can't help feel that 1Password ecosystems are migrating to server/cloud based and ditching "Local" or "Standalone" structure, day by day since the release of ver. 7.

Even with version 7, there were criticisms for this answer: https://1password.community/discussion/76956/can-i-still-buy-standalone-license-for-the-1password
Then standalone one was offered for the users confused.

So, my question is: Are you planning to discontinue standalone license completely in the future? (Or something like — sold only via support?)
Excuse me if something similar is already asked.


Let me be clear that I'm not to start "Subscription is good or bad" or am not criticizing your approach. I'm not interested in debating.
It's just users should have a right to know what would happen, so we can be prepared and secured.

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