With 1Password 8 beta I can't use 1Password X for Firefox/Chrome/Brave with a different account

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I installed the 1Password 8 beta and noticed that it isn't possible to use 1Password X in Firefox or Brave with a different account. Somehow 1Password X recognizes the local 1Password 8 and connects with the installed app. But I do not want that in all browser profiles. In some browser profiles I set up 1Password X with a different 1Password account to access them in the browser directly, e.g. a profile for my wife if she uses our shared Windows PC. That is unfortunately not possible anymore with 1Password 8.

After uninstalling the beta and without having a local 1Password app 1Password X works as designed. In my opinion 1Password X should not connect with the local app and should work headless and communicate directly with your servers.

Edit: Just saw that there is a separate forum for early access, maybe some admin can move my post to there.

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  • Blake
    edited June 2021

    Hi @dahanbn 👋

    You can still use 1Password in your Browser without needing to have 1Password for Windows installed.

    Simply disable integration with the 1Password App from within the extension settings, and you can continue using the browser extension just like you were before!

    PS: 1Password X was recently renamed to 1Password in your Browser. Just didn't know if you knew!

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