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I am new to 1Password and was wondering what is the difference between purchasing a subscription through 1Password.eu to 1Password.com. If I get a subscription on the .eu domain, will my passwords be synced and stored in the European Union?

(Sorry if this is the wrong place to ask this question)

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    Welcome to the family!

    .eu data is stored and synced using data centers in Germany. 🇨🇦🇺🇸🇪🇺 1Password in your region goes over more details such as billing and how to switch regions if needed. If you have any questions please let us know.

  • Thanks for the clarification. I am going to switch my 1password to the EU

  • ag_anaag_ana

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    Sounds good @moot, and on behalf of Tommy you are very welcome! If you have any other questions, please feel free to reach out anytime.

    Have a wonderful day :)

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