Convincing the team to migrate from another password manager to office 1password account

We do not have a strict policy, everyone used their personal account with another password manager. I'd like to bring them all to our business 1password account. They all hesitated because they have saved both their personal and work-related credentials with their current password manager. I invited them to their office email id but nobody ever used it. They will consider 1password if I invite them to their personal email and allow them to use both their personal credentials, plus work credentials. That way, they can keep their account safe and maintain it even after they left the org. I may have to reset all the credentials that have been shared with them, that's fine. I'd like to know whether there's a personal vault available at the business plan that individual members should have sole access to regardless of they have associated with the office or not.

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    Hi @seng,

    Welcome to the 1Password Support Community. 👋

    If you're using 1Password Business, your team members have access to a free 1Password Families membership they can use alongside their business account. This provides each team member with the ability to create their separate family account under their personal email address, fully under their control. Keeping personal data in a family account and work-related data in the separate business account is the best way to use 1Password, which ensures their personal information is never lost should they decide to leave your organization or go on a leave of absence.

    You can read more about the free 1Password Families membership perk below:

    Get a free 1Password Families membership when you use 1Password Business

    As for help with getting your organization to adopt 1Password Business and onboarding your team, I encourage you to contact our Go To Market team at [email protected] They may be able to work with you to come up with an action plan. When you send that email you can provide a link to this thread in your message to help them connect the dots.

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