How do I upgrade from Version 6.8.9 to Ver 7 or the upcoming Ver 8 without going on subscription?

I have a standalone 1Password license for Mac and iOS, and it's all running smoothly for years now. However, I would like to know if I can get a paid upgrade from Ver 6 to Ver 7 or Ver 8 (when it's released) without going to the subscription model?

I have only two devices, and both have their individual licenses purchased, so the subscription model is not really any benefit for me.

I really appreciate any help on this matter.


  • BenBen AWS Team

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    Hi @xl_BlackHawk_lx

    1Password 8 is tightly integrated with our 1Password membership service and as such will require a subscription. You can read more on this subject from our founder, Dave, in this post:

    There are a whole host of benefits to membership even for an individual user who only has one device. Those benefits are multiplied when multiple people or multiple devices are involved.

    About 1Password membership

    I hope that helps!


  • Thanks @Ben

    IMO, that's a bit unfair to force users to move to the subscription model when you did sell stand-alone licenses in the past and could have continued to offer paid license upgrades, at least for the existing ones.

    I guess it is time to say goodbye to 1Password and 100% shift to iCloud Keychain, as the service is free for those who own an Apple device.

  • LarsLars Junior Member

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    @xl_BlackHawk_lx - it's unfortunate that the timing of your decision to upgrade from version 6 happened to coincide with the release of 1Password 8, for sure. 1Password 7 for Mac was released in May 2018, and we sold licenses for it for over three years. We stopped as the launch of 1Password 8 drew nearer because we knew licenses and standalone vaults wouldn't be a part of 1Password moving forward, and we didn't want any of our users buying a license and finding in only a few months that a new version they couldn't use their license with was out. You can read more about the backstory of how this decision came about in these two posts from our founder, Dave Teare. Feel free to ask any follow-up questions. We're glad to have had you as a customer and of course we hope you'll continue, but whatever you end up deciding to do, stay safe out there.

  • That is not good news to hear. I'm open to upgrade software and to pay a reasonable price for it, but your abo price model is far to high.
    Fortunately I'm already testing alternative. I'm afraid you will loose a customer sooner or later.

  • LarsLars Junior Member

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    @FrankyPilot - thanks for stopping by. We would be sad to see you go, but glad to see you're continuing to practice good security. Stay safe out there, whatever you do.

  • So, let me try to understand: 1Password 8 has been announced and you made it clear that it would only work with the subscription model. For 1Password 7 you "encouraged" people to use the subscription model but you kept saying that a straight purchase option is available.

    But now—even before 1Password 8 is released—you have stopped selling licenses for 1Password 7? You write that "we didn't want any of our users buying a license and finding in only a few months that a new version they couldn't use their license with was out". Well, the license users bought for 1Password 7 would continue to work with 1Password 7, would it not? This is exactly like it used to be and what users expect. You buy a license for a major version, knowing that it will not cover the next major version. You buy a license for a major version not too far before the next major version is released? Your choice, especially when the next major version has been announced.

    I struggle to see how your decision makes any sense and would encourage you to at least allow existing license holders to upgrade their licenses as they wish. Make me tick a box saying that the license won't cover the next major version if you want, but why stop selling the license now? Any good reason for that?

  • BenBen AWS Team

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    but why stop selling the license now? Any good reason for that?

    The longer we were to sell licenses for, the longer it extends the expectation of support for something that will not be part of 1Password going forward.


  • Maybe I should have been more precise with my question. What I meant was: why would you stop selling licenses for 1Password 7 a month or two before 1Password 8 ships? I understand that you don't want to sell licenses for older versions forever, sure, but why stop selling licenses for the current version before the next version is released?

  • BenBen AWS Team

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    Continuing to onboard customers to a model that is going away just doesn't make business sense. It isn't so much v7 or v8 — 1Password membership is the way forward with 1Password, regardless of which version of the software is in use. A membership works equally well with v7 today as it will with v8 when it ships.


  • It is great to read how much thought you have put into the experience of future customers. I guess, it's just disappointing that that seems to have to come at the expense of not being able to meet the expressed needs of your existing customers; sometimes loyal customers, sometimes even advocates of your product. I hope that your leadership team will realise, maybe only after the current growth phase, that customer retention is a metric that can co-exist with customer acquisition.

  • @Ben - Could you clarify what you mean by "extends the expectation of support", please. I am using 1Password 7 standalone license for Mac and iOS. Are you planning to drop support for these?

    I've been a keen user of 1Password since v3, and would find it sad to try find an alternative. But I have very little interest in moving to a subscription licensing model, and also prefer not to keep my vault in the 1Password cloud, so membership (although I tried it out once briefly) doesn't seem to make much sense for me.

  • LarsLars Junior Member

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    @Questulent - no, we're not planning to "drop support." 1Password 7 for Mac will long as it works, which should be for a while yet. We do plan to have it ready to go for the upcoming macOS Monterey...but older versions eventually drop out of compatibility if you continue to upgrade your versions of browsers and OS while not upgrading your version of 1Password (or anything else, for that matter). There's no set time-frame; sometimes new technologies in browsers or OSes come along sooner, sometimes later. But just as you cannot really even open 1Password 3 for Mac on the last few versions of macOS, much less have it run the way it did on the systems it was designed for, eventually 1Password 7 for Mac will no longer be compatible with current versions of browsers and macOS as well.

  • It seems I'm in the same boat.

    Been using 1Password for 10 years now, since version 3.5.9. (30 March 2011) on my Mac and iPhone.
    I'm still using 6.8.9. because I don't like to be forced into a subscription model.

    In the 10 years, I have been using 1Password, there have been 5 upgrades since 3.5.9. - which in my Software Licenses section within 1Password show v4, v4.1.1, v5.01 & v6.8.9

    These upgrades, as far as I remember, all were in the range of $33.59. This means I have been using 1Password for around $16.80 per year.

    What makes version 7 or 8 worth paying double?

    Don't get me wrong, I have been using 1Password with great joy and have been recommending it to many people in those 10 years being a loyal customer of Agilebits but give people a choice.

  • LarsLars Junior Member

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    edited August 22

    @RamonT - thanks for being a joyful 1Password user for ten years! I'm glad you found the time to create an account here at the 1Password community forum after all these years; it's always good to talk with early 1Password adopters. :) I can't answer for you whether 1Password 7 or 8 or indeed any version qualifies as "worth it" for you or indeed any particular user, but it's quite true that it's our job to demonstrate value for money each time we ask people to pay for the ongoing work and the end result.

    I certainly won't argue with your recollections, nor especially with what you have in the Software Licenses section of 1Password! :) But what I know for sure is that we did not charge any user for the full-version upgrades to version 5 or version 6 of 1Password for Mac. The reason for that had to do with the fact that prior to in-app purchases and subscriptions, in-version updates to apps in the Mac App Store were required by Apple to be free unless developers wanted to list an entirely new SKU (product) -- so we felt it wasn't fair to charge users who purchased directly from our store, if their Mac App Store counterparts were getting the new upgrades free of charge. The result was that the only sales from September of 2014 when 1Password 4 for Mac debuted through May of 2018 (when 1Password 7 for Mac was released) were to new customers -- no existing users paid an upgrade fee during that time.

    That means, if your estimation of about $33.59 is correct (and I'll take your word for it), and you're still using version 6.8.9, that you've spent around $67.18 for all purchases up to today (once for version 3 and once for version 4). In other words, instead of $16.80/yr as you estimated, your cost to use 1Password on your Mac(s) each year for the last ten years since 2011 would be more like $6.70, the price of a couple of fancy coffee drinks, or one fast food lunch -- per year. Or, said differently, just under 55¢ a month.

    Does that qualify as "worth it?" Would your estimation of $16.80/yr ($1.40/mo) be worth it? What about $2.99/mo (the cost of an individual membership that includes all future upgrades to new versions of the software on every platform for as long as the membership is maintained)? To repeat what I said up top, I can't answer that question for you. I can only assure you we're very aware that individual responses to the question of "worth it" will vary, but we've known since the beginning that we can't beat "free" on pricing alone. So if any user's primary - or sole - factor in selecting a password manager is cost, none of the above prices will beat out the free alternatives to 1Password. Where you ultimately decide you end up on that question is up to you. Of course I hope you'll stay with us, but I understand different people will assess our value proposition differently. Whatever you do, stay safe out there, and thanks for the discussion!

  • OK - Thanks for the explanation, @lars.

  • ag_anaag_ana

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    On behalf of Lars, you are welcome @Questulent :)

  • Dear Lars,

    Thank you very much for your extended reply.

    You had me at hallo.

    After reading your reply, I decided to give 1Password 7 a 14 days try.
    Feels great to be able and use MS Edge without the annoyance of not being able to press my shortcut to enter username + password.

    Best regards,


  • ag_anaag_ana

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    On behalf of Lars, you are welcome too @RamonT :)

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