Looking to buy a 1Password 7 standalone (non-subscription) licence/ugprade

kiezprokiezpro Junior Member

As I'm ready to buy a new M1 Mac, I'd like to upgrade my existing licence for 1PW 6 (Mac) to 1PW 7. I know all about the benefits of a subscription, but I'd still like to buy the old, regular standalone licence. It seems like this isn't possible any more, but I'm not ready to give up hope just yet.
So - where/how can I buy a non-subscription upgrade?
Thanks in advance!

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  • ag_anaag_ana

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    Hi @kiezpro!

    Standalone licenses are no longer for sale I am afraid, sorry. To upgrade your 1Password app to version 7 or 8, you will need a Membership. Please see this post from our founder Dave with all the details :+1:

  • kiezprokiezpro Junior Member

    Hi ag_ana,

    Thank you for confirming! As I don't want to subscribe, I'll get in line with all the other users looking for an alternative. It's been a great 9 years with 1Password! 👋

  • @kiezpro

    Did you download 1Password 7 from Agilebits website? Normally you should be prompted to purchase a license. This is what I did.

    However, version 8 won't allow it. 😡
    So I downloaded Bitwarden and started the migration from 1Password.

  • LarsLars Junior Member

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    Thanks, @kiezpro and @Bruno92 -- stay safe out there, and we'll be here if you decide to come back and have a look at some point in the future. :)

  • kiezprokiezpro Junior Member

    @Bruno92 - I did try that, but 1PW 7 doesn't prompt like that any more. I assume this is b/c 1PW has now completed the switch to a subscription-only model.
    The 1PW 7 trial installer not only replaced my existing 1PW 6 installation without asking, it also broke something along the way so that it took me the better part of two hours to fix my re-installed 1PW 6 🤷

  • LarsLars Junior Member

    Team Member

    @kiezpro - I'm sorry to hear that. The 1Password 7 for Mac installer needs to install a version that's quite different from 1Password 6 for Mac, which is why it zipped up the older version. If you're still having troubles, please write into the support team at [email protected] and we'll get you sorted out, on either version 6 or 7. The only thing you can't do at this point - after three years of selling them - is buy a license for 1Password 7 for Mac.

  • kiezprokiezpro Junior Member

    I'm good, I did get it fixed, thank you. The zipped up 1PW 6 was mentioned in a few articles, but for some reason it wasn't there after installing V7, so I re-installed it from the installer. The app said that it couldn't connect to 1PW mini, and I couldn't figure out why, as it was running.

    find ~/Library -iname '*1password*' -print0 | xargs -0 rm -rf

    (after backing up the same set of files) did fix it for me. Fortunately, my data lives in iCloud, so I lost only a few prefs.

  • LarsLars Junior Member

    Team Member

    @kiezpro - glad you got it sorted out! Let us know if there's anything else we can assist with. :)

  • @kiezpro Happy you made it!

    @Lars Like many other users I was a happy customer since 1P3 and I bought all upgrade licenses till 1P7.
    However I disagree with the subscription model which finally costs much more for the end users.
    For instance a subscription model for 1P7 will cost $144 for 4 years (2018-2021) while I paid $49 for my upgrade license, or only $69 for someone who paid for a new license.

    Maybe it is good for Apple that brought that business model to their store (they are so greedy), but I just hate it because you can't own anymore what you paid for.
    It might be OK for punctual use of a software or some like Adobe that are mainly used by professional people, but not for regular users.

    You lost me and my entourage for good, sorry.

  • LarsLars Junior Member

    Team Member

    @Bruno92 - I appreciate your perspective, but with respect, none of us "owns" software, ever, unless we are the developers. There are simply different ways of licensing its use. Standalone licensing is one - and clearly the one you prefer. But subscriptions are just another model, with advantages and disadvantages. If you've thought through all of those and found yourself on the side of having standalone license purchasing being a must-have for you, then there probably isn't much we can say here that will change things, since we've made our decision and it sounds as if you've made yours. So I will simply thank you sincerely for being with us for as long as you have been, and wish you well in your search for alternatives.

    For the benefit of others reading, the issue with pricing Bruno92 mentions is very much one of individual situation. If one is a single user who only uses 1Password on one platform, then the license model is arguably less expensive over time (though it does depend a bit on the frequency of new versions. However, if you need licenses for both Windows and Mac - or for iOS and/or Android as well, which most people will do - the picture gets murkier. And if you've got family members who all want/need to use 1Password along with you (each with their array of different devices), then 1Password Families decidedly tips the playing field in favor of 1password.com membership, even if looking only at the cost. $65 per person, per platform for licenses for three or four people adds up very quickly, while a 1Password Families membership is a fantastic bargain in comparison at $58.99/yr for up to five people, able to use 1Password on any device for which we have an app at no extra charge, plus all the benefits of 1password membership that we can only offer with 1password.com accounts.

  • I have also been a 1Password user for more than 10 years. What you forgot in your great plan is that there are users who, on principle, will not take out a subscription for software, no matter how much it is discounted. In addition, there are users who, on principle, would NEVER put their data safes in the cloud. I belong to both of these categories. Back 10 years ago, there weren't any good alternatives to 1Password. But that has changed. 1Password, it was a nice time BUT unfortunately I have to go under these conditions.

  • ag_anaag_ana

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    edited August 26

    Sorry to hear this @GOODRIDDANCE_1Pass :( I wanted however to thank you for all of these years together. As Lars said above, please stay safe online, and should you change your mind at any time in the future, we would love to have you back as part of the community.

  • @Lars

    Not true. There is a tool we use in my line of work, TCO (Total Cost of Ownership), to elaborate financial scenarii for clients regarding the adoption of a new software / ERP... So it was easy to check the real cost of both of your pricing model. No one needs a Ph.D to do that. You should also take into account in your model all customers before 1P7 and the new ones who don't have any more choice, so sure they wont complain.

    I use 1Password on 2 iPhones, 1 iPad and 1 computer and my way is cheaper than what you suggest.
    Also, Bruno isn't an exception and he doesn't consider himself as unique, which will be a sign of arrogance.

    Some honesty and transparency from 1Password would be more appreciated, because 1Password team feedback are just words with no facts based.

    Biwarden is doing today a very good job today. So good bye for real because I won't come back.

  • LarsLars Junior Member

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    edited September 12

    Again, for other readers of this thread, "2 iPhones, 1 iPad and 1 computer" is the equivalent of one computer for one person. Why? Because we no longer charge for 1Password 7 for iOS...but it can also not be used to create a standalone vault, only used with a 1password.com membership. The only thing being paid for in such a scenario is the 1Password 7 for Mac license, for a single user. But add a Windows machine into the mix, or family members who would also like to use 1Password (and who would each need licenses themselves), and the picture looks very different.

    And for @Bruno92 - stay safe out there. We wish you well and we'll be here should you decide to return. :)

  • Since when are you working for Agilebits? I also had to pay for iOS license, it wasn't free.

    Your exemple may also exist, but from where I stand there no facts that say it is representative of 1P users.
    If Agilebits postponed it's exclusive subscription model because of people dissatisfaction I guess I was far from being a unique. That just illustrates my point and whatever you might say those are facts.

    Today you are just enforcing you new pricing model, because you think you are unique and indispensable. Guess what, you are not.

    As I said more honesty the better. Copying Apple arrogance isn't a good way to go.

  • Seems to be free since 16-Sep-2014?


    I also paid a long time ago for the iOS, macOS, and Windows Apps, but I remember the change (iOS becoming free) Lars mentioned (and I'm a subscriber now).

  • Bruno92Bruno92
    edited September 13

    Again honesty and transparency are the key words when telling all the truth and not half of it to suit your arguments.

    1Password Introduces individual subscriptions model in 2016 for macOS.
    iOS was free to download and to use with very limited functions and numbers of password you could save. To use it fully you still had to pay $9.99 in app purchase for the Pro version.

    Gents please give all the facts!

    I was a proud user since 2007 of 1P and I have been spending money on upgrades ever since. I use the program as I did on day one, to generate strong passwords, store them locally, and use them when needed. I don't use any other feature especially not Cloud functionalities. Being in Europe my data remains in Switzerland and nowhere else (Cf. Cloud and Patriot Act).

    So the subscription model, the cloud location issue and the new electron app, seriously? Just a NO GO for me.


  • BenBen AWS Team

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    Thank you for adding the additional context and background details here, @Bruno92.

    iOS was free to download and to use with very limited functions and numbers of password you could save. To use it fully you still had to pay $9.99 in app purchase for the Pro version.

    There was a time when that was true. For the past 2 years at least (July '19, v7.3.3) 1Password 7 for iOS has been a free companion app for those with a licensed copy of 1Password 7 for Mac or 1Password 7 for Windows (no additional purchase necessary for any features).

    At the end of the day licensing and standalone vaults will not be part of 1Password going forward. I wish we could've come up with a solution that would've made everyone happy, but with entirely incongruent desires that seems impossible. Continuing licenses and standalone vaults as they were is a non-starter. We are gathering input on whether a self-hosted instance of 1Password.com would be a viable solution. If you'd like you can provide feedback on that through this survey:

    Self-hosted 1Password kick-starter

    Being in Europe my data remains in Switzerland and nowhere else

    For what it's worth we do offer 1Password in Europe through our https://1password.eu instance. This instance lives in Germany.

    1Password in your region

    I hope that helps!


  • LarsLars Junior Member

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    @Bruno92 - since 2014. :) Ben's said pretty much everything else that needs to be said.

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