Looking to buy a 1Password 7 standalone (non-subscription) licence/ugprade



  • At the time I purchased it it was a 1Password 5 license :
    Order Total: $55.99 USD
    Order Number: 63437073E37377342
    Paid With: PayPal
    Purchase Date: March 13, 2015 What You Purchased Price in USD
    1Password Mac + Windows Bundle (Single License) $69.99
    Discount for Mac Power Users: ($14.00)
    Order Total (VAT not collected) $55.99 USD
    Getting Started

    To give you the full picture, I was using successfully the v6 version on windows 10 before my windows crashed. I don't remember exactly what was the version I were using, and I loose the binaries, that's why I'm asking from where can I download the latest version compatible with a license key. Sure there is (was ?) a version 6.


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    @ZackWilde - thanks for the additional information! There was never a version 5 of 1Password for Windows; we made a decision to go directly from version 4 to version 6, to keep consistent with the Mac version numbering. A bundle license purchased in March of 2015 would have gotten you 1Password 4 for Windows and 1Password 5 for Mac. There was indeed a version 6 of 1Password for Windows, but it was subscription-only, it could not have been used with standalone data. 1Password 7 for Windows was the next version of our Windows app that supported local vaults, and it required a new purchase. So unless you remember purchasing an upgrade to 1Password 7 for Windows, my guess is that you were using one of the later versions of 1Password 4 for Windows the entire time. You can find all of those releases here.

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    @Mishi - in your first post in this thread, you say:

    I'm completely fine with 1Password 7. In fact I am using 1Password 7 on Windows and 1Password 6 on Mac. Now I would like to make the upgrade to 1Password 7 to Mac but I cannot purchase a standalone license.

    1Password 7 for Mac was for sale as a standalone license purchase with local vaults from its launch announcement on May 22, 2018 until sometime this past summer, almost exactly three years. The 1Password 8 for Mac beta was released in July 2021 over six months ago, and while I don't have a set date for the release of the stable version, it won't be too much longer. On the Windows side, 1Password 8 for Windows was released in November of last year; it is the current version.

    As always, you are welcome to use older versions of 1Password as long as you continue to have both hardware and versions of your operating system which support those versions, though our suggestion is to stay current with your critical information and security software (as well as browsers and OS). But as we've been saying publicly for months, membership is the way forward with 1Password 8. We stopped selling standalone licenses for 1Password 7 for Mac a few months ago because we did not want new users paying full price for a use-case with no forward path, and because current users who already know about 1Password had three-plus years to purchase their copy.

    You are entirely welcome to continue using the exact setup you currently have: 1Password 7 for Windows and 1Password 6 for Mac, for as long as you wish -- you just don't have the opportunity to purchase 1Password 7 for Mac as a standalone product anymore. Otherwise, if you would like to join us in 1Password 8 (and beyond!), membership is the way forward. I hope you'll join us; there's a lot more good things in store. But whatever your decision, stay safe out there. :)

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  • Hello,
    Thank for your answer. I decided to move to another software unfortunately. I really appreciate the 1password software during those 7 years, but each time I had to change my devices (IOS,MAC or windows) it was a nightmare to manage for the same reason as today.
    Subscription is not an option for all, but it is your choice.
    Thank for this great support you provided anyway. (for sure, part of the price to pay for). But I presume some customers need simple tool with less support and development and new features, at a more predictable price.
    I wish you the best for the future anyway.

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    @ZackWilde - understood, and thank you for the clarification, as well as for your support over the years. We'll be here if you decide to come back, and in the meantime, again, be safe out there. :)

  • Seems like the decision has been made. Just wanted to cast my vote as a fellow disgruntled customer. We've been using 1P for years. I have my whole team on it, and I frequently recommend it to our numerous clients and all my friends/family. We will not be continuing to use 1P under the new forced subscription model, and we will no longer be referring new customers your way. It's frustrating that after being a loyal brand advocate for years, we are suddenly unable to onboard new staff members to our workflows because 1P made an arbitrary licensing change without prior notification. Disappointed.

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    @mitchum_owen - thanks for sharing your thoughts here, and best of luck finding a solution for credential management that works for you.

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