2FA and emergency recovery

I have changed laptops, lost access to old email.

I install 1 pass, place emergency key and Master Pass and it wants 2FA.... Open Auth app, no 1Pass (but I have every other 2fa dating back years).

Why is there 2fa on Emergency recovery? Isn't the Emergency Key (something I have) and the pass (something I know) the magic duo? Why add 3FA of auth? I get auth on masterpass, but what's the point of the emergency recovery key if it doesn't recover?

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    Welcome to the 1Password Support Community, @Ozzie_99! Sorry to hear about the trouble. If you enabled 2FA for your 1Password account, you will need to provide your six-digit 2FA code any time you use 1Password from a device that either has not signed into your 1Password account previously, or that you specifically required 2FA for on next sign-in (in the 1password.com interface).

    If you have any other devices on which you've signed into this account in an app or browser, you should be able to turn off 2FA from there. Please follow these instructions and if that doesn't work for you or you have no other devices on which you used your 1password.com account, then please get in touch with our support team at [email protected] - they should be able to assist you.

  • check out ticket DTN-61178-696

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    Thank you for sharing the ticket number! I see that you are already in touch with my colleagues over there. So we don't duplicate the answers by replying to you in multiple places, I am going to close this forum discussion so we can keep everything in one place via email.

    Thank you for your patience!

    ref: DTN-61178-696

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