Search bar and category filter behavior inconsistent

If I search something in the v8 Windows app, I find the handling of the search results and category selection inconsistent or inconvenient.

I do this:

  • I want to look up my bank account number, so I select "All items". In the search field, I enter "bank", because I remember my bank accounts have the word "bank" somewhere.
  • As immediate search result, I get this:

  • If I click on "Girokonto Deutsche Bank", I get my account entry selected with the info I searched. This is ok.

However, if I click on "Bank Accounts" (2nd entry), the selection gets changed, because that's a category. It means the category "All Categories" is changed to "Bank Accounts", and a permanent filter to only bank account entries is put upon my list. I need to manually change this back to "All categories", if I want to continue working with all entries, and it's not very intuitive that this filter is below the search bar. Usually, filtering is done from the leftmost column (all items, favorites, tags...) and finding things is is done from the 2nd column (search field, selecting stuff in the list of entries. The category selector feels out of place where it is.

In my opinion, the category filter neither belongs to the left column (where it clutters space) nor to the 2nd column (unintuitive, out of place).

I propose you extend the search field and add an integrated category selector. If I click into an empty search field, produce a dropdown list of categories, and I can choose a category from it. If I instead start to type characters into the field, replace the category list with search results. If I chose a category this way, the category name is displayed in the search bar as result and the list is filtered to the corresponding category. If I then want to search within the chosen category, I click into the search bar and the get a search field with the category in smaller font somewhere displayed at the right side of the search field - it's wide enough), so I always know that I'm searching within that category only.
If I want to get rid of the selected category and back to all categories, I click the "X" displayed at the right side of the search field.

Not the same with the tags, because they are clearly marked as special item in the above search result, and they actually and visually change the tag (and with this the selected item) at the leftmost column of 1Password.

I have a 2nd proposal:
It's inconvenient to change between some selection and "All items". They are far away from each other. You always have to search for the "All Items" text. Add this functionality:

  • if I click on an unselected tag, select that tag and filter to entries of that tag (this is current behavior)
  • if I click on a selected tag (i. e. filter/selection is active), filter to all entries and unselect that tag (this is now behavior)
  • This can be generalized:

  • whenever I click on an unselected entry in the leftmost column, filter to to the selection the entry is for.

  • whenever I click on a selected entry in the leftmost column (i. e. filter/selection is active), filter to all items (i. e. remove filter)

1Password Version: 8
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: Windows 10


  • I would like to add to my previous post:

    The advanced search feature with the new beta (like =tag:xyz) is not that useful, because it is not incremental (no quick results while you type).
    And especially because it is case sensitive. Often, I don't know if I capitalized entries and tag names. I have to look if I made some tag uppercase or not - but by looking I don't need to search any more.

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