Include Vault in search results?

Hey all! I'm hoping someone here might be able to help me out - and this very likely is a feature request, but it's possible I'm overlooking something.

I work for an MSP, and as such manage passwords for literally dozens of clients. We're trying to move away from IT Glue, and I am a big 1Password fan and have been a user for 7 or 8 years now in my personal life. There seem to be two major sticking points that are keeping us from choosing 1Password over LastPass:

1) We have some customers that we share their credentials with. Guests seem to resolve this issue, but I'm concerned about the 20 guest cap.
2) This is the big one: vault names are not included in search.

One of IT Glue/LastPass's biggest wins is that if I create a folder in LastPass titled "Company Name", when I do a search that entire folder and all of its contents show in the results. We really need this functionality as none of us want to be scrolling through a list of 100 vaults all the time just to find a company whose name begins with "W".

Aside from tagging, which doesn't seem like the best solution to this for us, is there any way around this? Is this something that could be considered for the future? Please don't let us become LastPass customers because of something this small (but important) :'(

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    Hi Justin Meader, thank you for taking the time to share your feedback. 👋

    Our Go To Market Team at [email protected] would be best equipped to answer your questions by email, especially the one concerning sharing credentials with your customers and the 20 guest limit in 1Password Business.

    Though, to briefly address your second request: Any account owner or administrator can conduct a search for all accessible vault names from the web interface. To do that, sign in, click Vaults in the sidebar, and then enter the vault name for the company in question to see a list of results. Click the name of the vault to open its Vault Details page and select View Vault to access a list of the items within that vault.

    If you'd like for this vault name search functionality to be more prominent, or if you're envisioning a slightly different feature or interface, I'll be happy to pass on your feedback to our development team for consideration.

  • Hey Max,

    Appreciate this. I JUST converted my personal account over to a Family account today - is it possible that this functionality doesn't show up for individual accounts? If it does then I certainly feel dumb. This does solve my issue, thank you. As far as licensing goes I'll reach out to the email you provided. Thanks so much!

  • ag_maxag_max

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    Happy to assist, and I appreciate those helpful details, Justin.

    That's correct that the Vaults option doesn't show up in the sidebar for individual accounts. This is only present in team, business, and family accounts. I am glad to hear this solves the issue, and please keep our team posted if we can help with anything going forward. :smile:

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