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First off I would like to comment on the demise of the licensed version of 1P and the local vault. My wife and I have been users and supporters of 1P for a very long time. I use it on iOS, macOS and Windows. I'm not happy about being forced to purchase a subscription/membership to continue to use 1P. We are seniors and are on very limited and fixed incomes. To many the cost may seem quite reasonable, but to us it is an expense that we will now have to deal with. I have seen comments elsewhere in this forum suggesting a "couples" or 2 person subscription option. I think that is a great idea and would like to ask that this be considered. Also, what is the possibility of a less expensive "basic" version of 1P versus a "pro" version? Our needs are: securely store passwords and then fill them in when logging on to various websites and apps. The many bells and whistles that you keep adding and we are paying the development costs for are of no use to us. Here is an example of what I am referring to. If I wanted to write a letter, I could easily accomplish that with WordPad which is bundled with Windows. If that is all I need, then it would be very unnecessary and costly for me to purchase Microsoft Word.

On to my question: I currently have an individual subscription. I want to add my wife. The website states the cost is: $4.99 per family of 5, USD per month when billed annually. When I log on to my 1P account and attempt to "upgrade to 1Password families" the price is listed as: $5.39 for a family of 5 billed annually. Why the discrepancy?

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    Welcome to the 1Password Support Community, @mforce_2000! Thanks for being long-time 1Password users. :) I can't say for certain what accounts for the discrepancy, but I'm guessing that would be a matter of added VAT or other tax, depending upon your location. Since we don't discuss details of specific accounts or billing matters here in this public space, your best bet will be to contact our billing team at [email protected] -- they'll be best-positioned to work through the details with you, as well as to check whether there are any promotions you might qualify for.

  • Lars, Thank you for replying.
    Yes, I have been using 1P for a long time. When I first purchased 1P it was a mac only product and there was no syncing or Dropbox.
    I will take your advice and contact the billing team. I would appreciate it if you could pass along my suggestions to the decision makers.

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    @mforce_2000 - happy to pass along your comments, but I may be able to shed a little light on things as well. The "for Couples" idea has been requested multiple times over the years since the introduction of 1Password Families, and it's still something I doubt we'll see anytime soon. A 1Password Families account includes up to five people and is already far and away the best value among our various tiers. It's priced lower than the cost of two individual 1Password accounts, so I doubt we'll add an even lower-priced option for just two people, but you never know.

    I also doubt a "basic" vs "pro" version will be available any time soon, partly because such a thing already exists to some degree, with 1Password Business. That type of account contains numerous features and abilities that are not present in 1Password Families or 1Password for Individuals. That's where most of the development work is being done -- and that's also why a 1Password Business account is $7.99/mo per user, instead of $4.99/mo total for up to five people. Sometimes, it'll be clear to us that a feature originally developed for Business would be of use to everyone, and we will add it into Families and/or Individual accounts. However, definitely speak to the billing folks to see if there are any promotions available currently you might qualify for.

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