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Is it possible to purchase a version of 1Password that is "OWNED" not "rented" (subscription) and that works exclusively on my Mac, with** NO Cloud Syncing whatsoever**?

I used to use 1Password 6. But when it went to a subscription model and I could not find a way to purchase an OWNED version, I switched to a different app that lacks a couple of 1Password's features, but was far more secure, because it does not require me to store passwords in the cloud and I OWN the software and upgrade on my schedule. However, I recently heard that there may still be an "OWNED" non-subscription version available. But so far, I have not been able to find any link for purchasing such a version.

More importantly, as a retired security guru and elite white hat, I know better than to take the risk of putting all my passwords on a high-value hacker target, like a password server (ANY password server). I require an app that works exclusively on my computer, with ZERO interaction with the cloud. My personal computer is a low-value hacker target. For every time a hacker attempts to hack my low-value target computer, they try to hack high-value targets like password servers hundreds of thousands of times. High value targets like Amazon, K-Mart, the IRS and even the NSA have been hacked. NO computer is immune - not mine and not 1Password. But the numbers favor my computer, since hackers have little interest in my computer, being that it can get them only one person's data. By contrast, password servers of all brands draw hackers like sugar draws flies, since a successful hack of any password server offers the potential to get millions of passwords.

What this all boils down to is that I absolutely require a password app that stores 100% of its data ONLY on my computer.

If there is a version of 1Password that is non-subscription and operates solely on the computer on which it is installed, with NO cloud syncing, please provide a link where I can purchase such an app.

Also, is there an upgrade path from 1Password 6?

1Password Version: Not Provided
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: MacOS 11.2.3


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