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I loved how in previous versions the listed "secrets"/items did filter in realtime as I was typing. My attention as a user was clearly directed to the list of results that partially matched what I was looking for. In the new version 8 I'm presented with an dropdown menu listing those results. This seems extremely redundant to me as a user. Why not simply why would I care for such an dropdown displaying the same content in a different manner.

I understand that this UI is quite similar to the latest approaches the Microsoft takes with its apps, providing the user a search bar in on the top of the window. But please don't blindly copy UX because people might be used to it. Think about what this app is about.

The 1Password App has a very clear focus for me as a user (besides the fact, that you are keeping my secrets a secret): Present me with the secret I currently require. Due to the fact, that I'm having hundreds of secrets stored and even shared in multiple vaults, requires me to narrow down the list. The process of narrowing it down by either choosing a category or by typing "related" string or substring should be fast, unambiguous and clear. By introducing the popup the later one has become quite strange to use and requires and extra Enter or Command+enter to be presented with the narrowed down result. It would be way clearer to narrow down the list of secrets as I type and select the item with the best match.

1Password Version: 80400002
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: macOS 11.5.2


  • cortigcortig Senior Member

    I completely agree. And I’m also not a huge fan of requiring the Command+Enter to get the list of matching results. I wish I could at least disable this behaviors in the preferences…

  • +1 for disabling this in the preferences. Such an unnecessary step.

  • PeterG_1PPeterG_1P

    Team Member

    Hi folks, thank you for this thoughtful input on the search feature - especially @felixf for taking the time to go into detail.

    I have added this as a feature request, so our developers can examine how the process might be streamlined overall. We'll keep working to improve in all aspects!

    ref: dev/core/core#10777

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