I have been using 1Password 6 and, after email with Darcy (#TSJ-99429-868) I downloaded 1Password 7

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Help!!! I'm feeling abandoned here. I can't access or migrate my 1Password 6 keychain/vault/whatever it's called to 1Password7. I installed 1Password7 yesterday, which seems to have completely replaced the 1Password 6 app, and with it access to the 1Password6 info which is still safe and sound in my Dropbox file, and backed up on my Mac. When I first opened 1Password 7 I confess that I did not click on the migrate option because i thought I was supposed to follow instructions in a link that Darcy sent. I apologize for my failure, but now I think I have been sufficiently punished for that mistake.
I am not succeeding in figuring out how to recover/migrate/etc. the information from my 1Password 6 into 1Password 7. Crap! Ironically, I have got 1Password 7 working on my iPhone and was able to tell it to populate the vault from the file in my Dropbox (there are two folders: one named 1Password (with files named 1Password.legacyagilekeychain and 1Password.opvault) and one folder named 1Password.agilekeychain).

There surely must be some way to get the 1Password 6 data into my 1Password 7. I really appreciate your help. Thank you! -Tom

1Password Version: 7.9
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: mac OS 10.15.7
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    Hi @Puzzled2!

    I see that my colleagues managed to help you via email already, so let us know if there is anything else we can do to help ;)

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