Different Vaults in Safari and Firefox on same MacOS Account

jordinasjordinas Junior Member

My wife and I share a vault (and have been using the same vault since 2009 on Dropbox) - Old habits die hard... I am looking to switch to the families plan since we have 3 kids who are starting to collect passwords and I would like to instill good practices (at least some) in them. I set up my account and migrated our existing vault, and invited my wife to set up her account - but did NOT migrate the vault... there is quite a bit of clean up to separate the logins for the two of us...

That aside, my question is, can we have the Safari extension signed in to one account and the Firefox extension signed into a different account? I have not figured out a way to do this. Now that I have a 1Password account, I can use the more recent extension on Firefox. I have not figured out how to change accounts on Safari.

For what it is worth - I find it really frustrating that the app cannot have both signed in at the same time, which I find a big miss on part of 1Password for families. I have seen the forum comments to have separate computer accounts - and while that is obviously a best practice that is just not the ground reality for shared family computers, and responding in the forums with that suggestion is effectively ignoring the feedback from your users.

1Password Version: 1Password 7 Version 7.9 (70900001) 1Password Store
Extension Version: and 2.1.3 on Firefox - not sure on Safari
OS Version: macOS 11.6
Referrer: forum-search:different vaults in browsers


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    That aside, my question is, can we have the Safari extension signed in to one account and the Firefox extension signed into a different account?

    Yes. You can add one account in the 1Password for Mac app (this one will show up in Safari), and the other in the Firefox extension. In the Firefox extension, just make sure that you turn off desktop app integration, so it won't try to connect to the same account you use in Safari:

    I have also removed the second part of your username for your privacy: I don't think you meant to make your email address public :+1:

  • jordinasjordinas Junior Member

    I assume that the Safari extension cannot be 'decoupled' from the App (i.e. reverse your suggestion...)

    Also, since we have had a joint vault for so long, I have over 1250 items in there - are there any easy approaches to splitting a vault? In particular I'd like to move my wife's items into her private vault, keep my items in my private vault and move the shared items into a 3rd shared vault which only my wife and I have access to (not the family shared vault, which the kids have access to.)

    The problem is I cannot have the two private vaults showing in the app - and would much prefer to do it in one step, as I iterate through each item decide which vault it should go to once, vs moving the items to the Shared Vault and then moving the items to the private vault... (once again making the case for being able to sign-in more than one family member...)

  • jack.plattenjack.platten

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    Hi @jordinas:

    One option for getting the migration done would be to create a second shared vault that only you and your wife have access to. At that point, you would then move all of the items that are private to her into that vault from your current Private vault, and then from there she would then move all of those items into her default Private vault.


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