prompted to upgrade to individual membership

After a recent upgrade to my 1Password version 7 I keep getting prompted to upgrade to a individual membership. Is there a reason you are prompting? I hope you are not going to tell me this version is going away. Thanks in advance.

1Password Version: 7.9.825
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: Windows10


  • jack.plattenjack.platten

    Team Member

    Hi @jjvierra,

    Thanks for enjoying 1Password! :smile:

    The next version of 1Password, 1Password 8 requires a membership to work. To make sure all of our users are ready for 1Password 8 and as a thank you for being a supporter of 1Password we've added the notification and the discount in 1Password 7. 1Password 7 still works without an account and you are safe to ignore the notification, but with 1Password accounts being the way forward and providing the best experience (and most features) for our users we didn't want you or any other user to miss out. 1Password 8 will be a separate download from 1Password 7 when it is released, so you will be able to use 1Password 7 after the launch of 1Password 8 without any change.

    There are two discounts we're offering to customers like yourself to help ease the transition:

    • The first is as mentioned, 50% off an individual 1Password membership for 3 years
    • The second, if you'd prefer to only pay one time and top up as needed, is a discount of $50 on a $150 USD gift card.

    Our love of offering the absolute best possible 1Password experience is what made us take this step, and we didn't take it lightly. If you'd like to take this step with us, please reach out to my colleagues at [email protected], and they'd be best equipped to go over the options with you and help you decide which one you'd like to go with.


  • I think the idea of a subscription is good for your company but bad for consumers. All companies like recurring revenue! I hate subscriptions with a passion and would rather pay a one time cost rather then a small monthly cost. Is that something that has been considered? Thanks for your quick response.

  • jack.plattenjack.platten

    Team Member
    edited October 29

    Hi @jjviera:

    This post by our founder Dave Teare, while a few years old, is still very relevant as to why we're such a big fan of 1Password memberships: Why We Love 1Password Memberships.

    As I mentioned, you do have the ability to purchase a gift card and use that, allowing for a one time purchase of sorts. If that isn't a viable option for you, then I sincerely thank you for being with us for as long as you have been, and wish you well in your search for alternatives.


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